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A Child


A child cannot understand ‘eternal torment’.

Show him pictures of violence and torture and he will be destroyed psychologically with venom running in his thoughts…

However, show him pictures of Christ saving the world… This he will understand because it’s Love.

That is why our Blessed Lord said, ‘unless ye be converted like little children, you will by no means enter the Kingdom of heaven.’

The irony about heaven is this:
Everybody wants to go there but at the same time wouldn’t want everybody else to go in…

No wonder our Lord remarked on such attitude of the Pharisees thus: ‘neither you enter in, and you hinder others from entering in’…

Remember, a child would allow ‘all’ to enter into heaven without feeling jealous (by using a different term called ‘unfair’) and would understand and Love the God who does such.
Don’t believe me? Test it with a child for yourself. This is the pinnacle of psychology.

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