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A History Lesson

Topic: Fights

Throughout history, mankind have fought each other in battles, words and many other ways for ‘many reasons’.

One thing is common:
They all ‘hated’ their enemies.

One thing is true:
Whenever a party wins, their enemies did ‘not’ lose absolutely. One just won a battle but not the war itself.

One thing is certain:
Though a victory may last several hundred years or even a thousand years, it only lasts as long as their enemies do not regain strength.

One thing is possible:
If your enemy becomes more powerful than you one day, the tables are turned and he will repay your descendants accordingly.

So, the vicious cycle of “hate” remains subdued but not conquered.

The only way to absolutely win over your enemies and to ensure all of the above does “not” reoccur again is by “Loving your enemies” as our Blessed Lord revealed.

Yes, only by His Divine Love can all these hate be stopped “absolutely”.

But as long as men choose to “fight” for each one’s creed, religion, way of life, politics etc, this vicious cycle of “hate” remains with you as a “curse”.

Don’t believe me?
Study the history of the world across the cultures and you will see this to be true.


Men don’t learn from history.

That’s why at the end of this age, God Will Return to Judge the World and repay each one according to one’s deeds be it good or bad.

Long into the ages which are coming, the prayer of the redeemed will echo hope for the condemned too as they plead before the Blessed Saviour of the World to Restore All things to His Will.

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