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ALL are eventually SAVED

A Beautiful Truth (in image):







It applies toward EACH and EVERYONE of the ALL in its OWN TIMES (1 Timothy 2:6) as He has Promised His MERCY to ALL eventually which is the Conclusion of LAST WORD of JUDGMENT in the Book of Romans too. (Romans 11:32).

There is NO JUDGMENT beyond HIS MERCY which TRIUMPHS OVER and ENDS any [afterlife] Judgments EVENTUALLY (James 2:13).


Blessed be the Saviour of the World!

Which ALL?

Immediate Context (same inspired letter): 1 Timothy 2:4, 1 Timothy 4:10.


Hence, we need to GIVE THANKS on BEHALF of the PROPHESIED SALVATION of ALL MEN (1 Timothy 2:1) as believers are to be Priests of God (e.g. Revelation 1:6, Revelation 5:10).


Other Verses:


Colossians 1:16, Colossians 1:20, Romans 8:20 – 22, 1 Corinthians 15:24 – 28, Ephesians 1:9 – 10, John 12:32.


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