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A philosophical thought on the “antichrist”:

It had bothered me at times pondering on this topic with a bible in my hand.

Here’s a plausible out of the usual “guess”:

The antichrist will actually be someone who brings a “revival” in the anti-Christ = anti-savior doctrine, namely, the doctrine of “eternal hell”.

Why? Didn’t you read? Anti Christ means anti Jesus (because Christ, the anointed One, only refers to Lord Jesus). Secondly, note that His name, Jesus means Saviour.

Thus, anti Jesus must thus mean anti Saviour (noun comparison). Anti saviour means “cannot save” (having limited/expired saving capacity).

Thus only eternal hell & annihilation doctrine fits the bill for this “cannot save” criteria.

Concluding, we have found that the antichrist is someone who will teach (maybe via a revival) the false doctrines of eternal hell/annihilation. He may be able to do “pointless” signs & wonder (such as calling fire from heaven to showing visions of dead ones burning hopelessly in eternal hell).

These signs such as calling fire from heaven & visions of people burning hopelessly in hell with no chance of escape (his claim) – are “pointless” because they depict the problem shown to last eternally with no solution (drafted by God) thereby proves that Christ “cannot save from hell” (you may hear the heavens chuckling at this). Indeed, “pointless” & deceiving.

Why? It’s in line with his intention of proving that the true God “cannot save” (from hell) agreeing with his nature of being against the Saviour (Christ), with the aim to depict Christ as a failure & loser. Remember, he deceives by claiming that Lord Jesus “cannot save” (antichrist). Empty words – limits God’s saving capability.

This lie = Christ cannot save from hell, is what I believe is described in the verse below (“God” will send them that lie may indicate that this lie will be from existing Christian doctrine, my guess, “eternal hell”):

“For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie.” (2 Thessalonians 2:11)

Do the math:

Christ = Jesus = Saviour.

Now, consider:
Antichrist = Anti-Jesus = Anti-Saviour.

Anti-Christ are the ones who teach that Christ “cannot save” (meaning of Anti-Saviour).

An example of an antichrist:
Every Sunday, on the pulpit he preaches God is not able to “absolutely” save (having a time – space limit on His Saving capability).


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