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Atheism is Hopelessness




Why God allowed sin and evil into the World?

Why not He just created us Perfect with ‘NO CHOICE making ability to do evil at all’ in the beginning itself?


Why God doesn’t want to let us be in heaven now?

I can live without God and I don’t need Him!






Why didn’t God create us as robots which no ability to choose between Good and Evil?

That’s reality. It shows that we are unable to make the right choice and fall into sin. So, He will rectify it later.


God doesn’t need anyone (even you or I) in heaven either.


We need Him, and not, He needs us. Let that sink in.


Perhaps for those who think otherwise, imagine He gives you a chance to ‘choose’ that ‘you cease to exist’ rather than be with Him. You may choose it on that Day.


Hell is basically, one receiving what they have done only (Isaiah 3:11, Galatians 6:7). If you never did it, it doesn’t affect you. Simple as that (Luke 12:47 – 48).


Say you didn’t believe in God, why should He receive you into His Heaven?


Also, suppose that He offers you the annihilation of self (that is ‘you cease to exist rather than be with Him’) —> you may do it on Judgment Day (as the annihilation believers, believe this somewhat).

God doesn’t Owe us anything. If you don’t like the creation and Judgment, you may cease to exist on that Day.


Well, at least God gave you a ‘chance’ to exist and even be Universally Reconciled. Your own rejection of God is what you experience back in Hell. By the way, as per your ‘assumption’, if that person never sinned, he goes to heaven, simple as that. Our sins affect others.


Another Example (Isaiah 3:11):


Suppose you sold a faulty screw to a client and that client died in an accident. Do you realize that their family suffers without a father etc.?


So Hell sentence is long to cover that as long as someone is affected. If that person repents, he may be received back for if there is no repentance, that sin keeps affecting much more beyond that single individual into many lifetimes!


Am I not a Convinced Christian Universalist?


I am convinced because NONE take up that offer (‘of ceasing to exist’ as they claimed ‘boldly’ during their lives on earth in arrogance) —> Strangely, ‘They beg God to Save them whilst in Hell’. An irony indeed.


So, I have the Highest Respect toward God (in Lord Jesus Christ) because —> Who, despite all the harsh things they spoke of Him —> He is Still willing to Forgive, Save and Perfect them in the end too [be it post afterlife Judgment in Hell first].




Atheism is Hopelessness because:


(i) Atheists and Theists both do Charity Works (and so quoting this, proves nothing either way).


(ii) Atheists also become murderers, rapists, etc. just like Theists too (and so quoting such examples, proves nothing either way too).


(iii) After being an atheist —> evil still exists around you. And so, being an Atheist does NOT Solve the Problem of Evil at all.


(iv) Atheism is preached to the ‘weak’ who find life ‘hard to endure’. It’s as simple as this:


Two people can come from the same background —> one end up better , one remains in his sins. Our choice determines that and blaming it on God or becoming an atheist doesn’t affect that at all.


(v) So, it’s basically pointless to be an atheist. Nothing changes around you.


All the things that an Atheist complained (or ‘preached’) to you doesn’t cease to exist after you become an atheist too. Can you see how useless this belief is?


Evil and Sin continues to exist. Starvation and Murder is still there. Your ‘conversion’ to ‘Atheism’ changes nothing in regards to these ‘human problems’.


(vi) In short, Atheism is “Negativity” (as it only sees problems, complains and evils etc. – ‘a depressing belief indeed’) —> and as they say, ‘Avoid or Ignore Negativity, hence Ignore Atheism’.


Truth is this:


Hence, I’m not interested in listening to the atheism conversation of hopelessness where everything you point out (evil and trouble of this world) —> is “temporary” —> and I see God Overcoming all that in the End through the Ages (John 16:33).


At Least in God, we have a Hope of Universal Restoration. Atheism is Hopelessness and believing in Universal Salvation through Lord Jesus Christ is Hope. I have made my choice.


Your repetition of all these temporal (Non-eternal hopelessness) of this present time is a waste of time since I see beyond this present time where All things will be Made New by Christ eventually into the ages which are coming (Ephesians 2:7, Revelation 21:5) Solving all these in its Own Times (1 Timothy 2:6, Acts 3:21, Ephesians 1:9 – 10).


Blessed be His Holy Name!




“These things I have spoken to you, so that in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world.” – Lord Jesus Christ (John 16:33, NASB)





Here’s a Classic:




If this boy (Adolf Hitler) was not saved by the priest when he was young, I am sure an ‘atheist’ would have ‘contemplated why God didn’t save that innocent child’.


We never know the reasons… But One Day, all will be clear because it is Written that:


“For nothing is hidden that will not become evident, nor anything secret that will not be known and come to light.” – Lord Jesus Christ (Luke 8:17, NASB)







Please don’t turn atheist by then; let us be patient as the answers are in the ‘afterlife’.


A Lifetime of Joke

‘Atheism has no answers to any of the questions it is asking’ – LOL





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