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Beyond Judgment


It’s hard to answer when an abused child opens up and says boldly (on a neutral turf):

“I never slapped, punched nor kicked you.”

“I’ve never given you rotten vegetables from the garbage nor have I fed you with expired food.”

“I’ve never called your mother a lousy woman nor as someone who is useless for not being able to bring up her child.”

“I’ve never cursed you to fail in life or end up in jail.”

The child continues,

“You won’t understand because you have never been abused like this.”

What do I reply? (learn wisdom)

“Indeed, I’ve never really heard all those words and abuses directed to me explicitly. However, you can be the “first” to be able to prove that “Christ” is in you by rising above all those abuses and curses hurled at you even in such “situations”. Do what Christ did: Forgive & Forget in ‘time’. Now, you bless them back, do good to them and even pray for them (this is how you love your enemies, Christ’s Agape Way). Also, the next time someone tells me that “you won’t understand since you never underwent such abuse”, I’ll pass them to you since you can tell him how you “overcame such abuse through Christ alone” (Christ saved, healed, reconciled and has restored you!).”

Remember, if “nobody” has risen above such “situation” which you are in, then why don’t you be the “first” to “overcome it through Christ”? (probably that’s a reason why we are the “first fruits” of Christ)

Do not worry nor be troubled, as He said:

“I have overcome the World” – Lord Jesus Christ

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