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Can I make money?


“As far as money goes, you have been posting about it and I was wondering if you could explain your opinion on making money in music ministry…(as I don’t see you mention it anywhere.)”


“I don’t believe that one should make money on any things pertaining to God which includes music too.

(Render to God the things which are God’s… Combined with…. Freely you have received (e.g. His musical gift from God), freely give!).

In other words, the “things of God” (such as songs or musical gifts which originate or relate to Him) must be given back in the manner which “He commanded”, namely “freely give” (no money taken literally).

God decides how one should give back the things or rather things which are “of Him” (regardless if it’s music to preaching of His Gospel)… Which is “freely”.

God is not stopping us from earning a living. We may make money from the things of this world. For example, making secular music & selling it is “not wrong” because it’s of the world. Just ensure one’s songs to not teach Vulgarities or sin, for example.”

Question 2:

“How about this verse: When people work, their wages are not a gift, but something they have earned.”


“Wages for “His Work” in New Testament Scripture has always meant “food and drinks only” (definition).

Here’s a verse:

Luke 10:7 states that “wages” that a labourer is worthy is “only food & drinks” while in Luke 9:2-3 we find Christ reiterating (in literal context) that “His Work” cannot involve the “taking of money” (note the phrase “no money” in this verse).

Thus, both in context and definition of “His Word”, the “wages” for “His Work” is only “food & water” literally.

“His Word” or “Rules” for “His Work” remain the “same” for anyone (no partiality) and for all time. His Word doesn’t get adapted in time.

Remember, “His Truth” remains the “same” while only “lies evolve” in “time”.”

Question 3:

“So being upfront about that is important I understand but there’s examples that I can’t even count where a music team comes to play in a city and they need food but who will buy? The concert host? What if concert host is busy to take them out so sends money they can eat themselves. There’s examples where it’s almost overly difficult to not just give them money . I don’t see where it says “no money”. Can you quote that again ?”


“no need to hold a concert then if it can’t be done according to His Word (Principles/Rules)

Obedience is better than Sacrifice (God would never instruct His Work to be done contrary to His Word) — Men do it as a sacrifice in their flesh if they behave contrary to His Word.

We are just instructed to preach the Gospel which can be done without such concerts.

Some musicians who can afford it, may work their own jobs and provide free “christian concerts” out of their “own money”, for example for their “own show”.

If can’t, I believe it’s best to “not” do it rather than doing something contrary to His Word no matter how “noble” the thought seems.

Remember, Christ warned in Matthew 7 that only those “who do the Will of God” will “not” hear “I never knew you”.

The “will of God” is certainly “obeying His Word” for “His Work” which is “no money” and “wages” as “food and water only” (with “verses” literally and no “interpretations” nor “opinions” of men – all literally too).

Here’s Luke 9:3 (aforementioned)…”He (Lord Jesus) told them: “Take nothing for the journey—no staff, no bag, no bread, no money, no extra shirt.” (note the “no money”).”

Question 4:

“How about collecting money to feed the poor?”


“Feeding the poor is not His ministry (preaching the Gospel) literally. It’s humanity.
I always advised, collect donations in the name of the “poor” (orphans, homeless.. etc) and “not” in the name of “God” (taking it in vain) since it’s not God Who is really eating off or taking that money (literally too).

God takes it personally that “you have fed Me” when you feed the “poor” is acknowledging the Love you had for the poor as counted as to be done to Him. That’s all.
We’re commanded to feed the poor (in any way we can) and that has nothing to do with “collecting money” in “His Name” (calling it “His ministry)… twisted
Collect “willingly” and “not in the name of God”.. that’s all.. nothing wrong in feeding the poor that way (collect in the name of the “poor” which is true – literally — not in His Name – taking His Holy Name in “vain”).

Question  5:


“How about the situations where an evangelist is “called” to another country to their orphanage to help them and needs funds to support their expenses? Is there any wisdom you have on that topic too”




Stay with them and live with them with their means or work there (Apostle Paul worked like this as a tentmaker often).

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