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International Mathematical Olympiad IMO 2019 Problem 1

Please find the Questions for Day 1 below (Thank you Mr A for sharing it):          … Read More

5 years ago

IMO 2017 Problem 2 – A Functional Equation

The whole solution for this functional equation question from the International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO 2017 problem 2) may be written… Read More

7 years ago

IMO 1988 Problem 6

Question & Solution in the images below (not my solution) but it is both an interesting problem and one of… Read More

7 years ago

Malaysian Junior IMO Selection Test 2017

Malaysian IMO Selection Test 2017 (held on 6 November 2016, Junior category) *Included, my solution attempts too during a Math… Read More

7 years ago

The Lunes of Hippocrates

A result from antiquity which arose while the ancient mathematicians were trying to "square the circle". A pleasant surprise (via… Read More

7 years ago

Solution for IMO 2016 Problem 1

Here is the question & solution attempt: Read More

8 years ago

IMO 2016 Results for Malaysia

Congratulations Malaysia, Well Done! Interesting that our Malaysian team only solved "Problem 1 & 4 only" in "full" to get… Read More

8 years ago

Solution for IMO 2016 Problem 4

(Here's a detailed possible solution with full explanations for IMO 2016's Problem 4): *IMO = International Mathematical Olympiad Read More

8 years ago

Math Olympiad Classes in Kajang

  Affordable Mathematics Olympiad Classes at Kajang for Secondary School Students "All are welcome" :) For further information, one may… Read More

8 years ago

What is Olympiad Maths?

Finally: An Analogy (that works) I've often found it hard to explain what is Olympiad type Maths to people. Not… Read More

9 years ago