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LGBT – Q & A from a Biblical Perspective

    Question 1 LGBT is a DNA thing and so it's God's Fault.   Reply 1   Identical DNA… Read More

5 years ago

A Maximum Among the Minimums – A Maximin Problem from AMC

  Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) 2007 Junior Question 30 Question: For any positive integer N, consider the digits which occur… Read More

6 years ago

Form 4 and Form 5 Quadratic KBAT Questions

The questions (No. 8, 9 & 10) are in picture (in Malay). Question 7 is not KBAT. *KBAT = Kemahiran… Read More

7 years ago

IB Maths Higher Level Textbook

Free Downloadable IB Maths HL Textbook (Core) *The authors allow it in their copyright for private study (well done guys)… Read More

7 years ago

One True Perspective

Same but yet different. Two people can be led into the "same situation" (whether good or bad) but their "different… Read More

9 years ago

Beyond Money

"Don't overwork for money but if you need to stay late or do extra, let it be for value instead".… Read More

9 years ago


Will He really find a faith which is true? There are about 2 billion or so Catholics + Protestants combined… Read More

9 years ago