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Chiliasm Book 28 May 2023 Update with Martin Luther First Protestant in Last Chapter

Latest Update: 6 June 2023

I will just quote some major summary in images (more details in the free pdf book).

This post is mainly to announce the New Book titled “Did you know – First Christianity Chiliasm Possibility” which can be found in free pdf download link below especially in regard to the last chapter which we add in some intriguing discussion with Blessed Martin Luther the First Protestant:


Latest Update: 6 June 2023

Please find the New Book titled “Did you know – First Christianity Chiliasm Possibility) which can be found in free pdf download link below:


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Example Source Link that Mr. Charles Parham (Father of Pentecostal Christianity) himself gave this



Note: Probably that’s not even his real name nor is the same race even as I have had plenty of them (none using their real name/church) using aliases and fake accounts (probably because they are “fake” too and can’t even stand for “their own gospel beliefs in public”) and messaging or liking or replying like this. Some I might know by name but if I guess and it’s wrong, it’s not good so let the GOD of TRUTH DECIDE.

Scary Pentecostal No.1s and others presented in this Video (evidence) by a combination of the Top No. 1 Aces of the Reformed Churches (founded by Blessed John Calvin) where we can be neutral but you cannot be neutral by participating in it, so let God Decide whether some or all presented could be committing the Unforgivable Blasphemy against the Most Blessed Holy Spirit:


Peace to you



Example Video:

Another Source:








An Example from Calvinism’s No. 1 Preacher in the World currently from the Reformed Churches none other than Mr. Justin Peters regarding how he was “not” healed from the Charismatic Movement and how they belittled him that he is probably “bitter” for not being healed from his “Cerebral Palsy” disease (imagine the reformed group’s top ace or No. 1 preacher probably in a lot of sense today) is “crippled with Cerebral Palsy”, can you see it? So it means even if you do the “Work of God” (ministry) so purely and not even to “get healing nor to make endless prosperity gospel money”, you can still be “never healed and crippled in cerebral palsy” which shows actually “how SINCERE HIS FAITH really is” which does NOT expect earthly things (for an example of this quote please watch this video in link below around 8 minutes to 9 minutes in – and yes, GOD can use diseased people too for ministry as this example shows though some are healed if He Wills it and even if not healed such ones can still be used for ministry if we are fair & without such “nepotism”):

Regarding the part he calls his opponents “false” preachers, I am “not” 100% sure how far God Will condemn or save them, but we consider this as a “possibility” too since Mr. Justin Peters is from Blessed John Calvin’s Church he founded called the Reformed Churches of Calvinism who are important to Protestants too.

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This “possibility” discussion is [From Page 1011 onward of the #SafeRouteScripturallyBook], free pdf link below:

I am not asking you to read my opinion (which sometimes I add in support of these quotes) but more to read what the actual Great Leaders of the Church (from Church Fathers to Doctors of the Church) have wrote especially more earlier in time for these “possibilities” as they were men who were renown for holiness & for spreading the Gospel of Christ in one Universal Church without any scandals of sodomy to murder to anti-semiticism to racism to nepotism to love of money to feminism & other strange practices etc.

Peace to you



All Church Fathers are important even if we don’t agree with all their doctrines since any one of them could be right being in the lineage of the earliest successive leaders of the Church chosen by the Blessed Apostles who in turn are appointed by Most Blessed Lord Jesus Christ Himself. For example, this same “St. Clement of Alexandria” calls the “CONTEXT for SHEEP of the OTHER FOLD” NOT as ‘Jew vs Gentile as done popularly today’ but referring to POSSIBLE NON ELECT SALVATION which goes TO HELL FIRST FOR PUNISHMENT BEFORE BEING SAVED as I have demonstrated say in Page 53 onward of the #ChiliasmBook or please see comment for that particular quote. Note that we know his quote for NON ELECT SALVATION for fallen believers here extends POSSIBLY to UNBELIEVERS too via believing after seeing in HADES even due to his OTHER QUOTES say in Page 1783 onward of the #SafeRouteScripturallyBook shown in comment also.











Source Post:

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Source Post for write up details:

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Source Post for write up details:

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Additional Discussion in Source Post below:

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Scary Video Examples & Possible Unforgiven Sin – Probably one of the No. 1 Woman Worship Pastor in the World now “Jenn Johnson of Bethel Church”

Link for Video:



Faith challenge: I dare any modern Charismatic to call her filled with the Holy Sprit (I know we are neutral & we need not judge but take it as a ‘figure of speech’ to understand ‘how serious these type of things can be as it’s not a playful matter’) where this is for those who believe in her calling as a speaking in tongues woman pastor and are confident in her ways but remember this: it is Written that any word SPOKEN AGAINST the HOLY SPIRIT willfully* is NOT forgiven where for example here it can be words she uses in video here such as INSULTING the MOST BLESSED HOLY SPIRIT of GOD by doing the following:

i) (Jenn Johnson makes funny sounds and attributes it to the Holy Spirit – and how many Pentecostals can stand in front of the Throne of God on Judgment Day and Say that those sounds/words they make are from the Holy Spirit of God where if wrong it is the Unforgivable Blasphemy against the Holy Spirit*? are they that confident of it?)

ii) Jenn Johnson calls the Holy Spirit like a “genie from Aladdin”

iii) Jenn Johnson calls the Holy Spirit “blue” and her gesture at this time is putting a leg on top of the other (which is usually a sign of disrespect as she waves her feet up in the air after immediately saying this and reacts strangely in her face making it look mixed like a joke – did you find it funny too dear Pentecostal? Is this the way to respect the Most Blessed Spirit of God? and you wonder why I don’t attend any Pentecostal Churches? Is to avoid agreeing and participating in any of these but I’m willing to work only in Charity Doctrine overlap because God even asked to do it to enemies as the Parable of the Good Samaritan reveals)

iv) Jenn Johnson calls the Holy Spirit “funny and sneaky”

v) Jenn Johnson calls the Holy Spirit “silly” (would you do the same dear Pentecostal?) and immediately covers up and calls Him Wonderful. Do you think one can speak like that and cover up and get away? Notice that she didn’t say these ‘same words once’ but in at least two to three different occasions (in different clothes & times) meaning it is “willful”.


“… Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man, it will be forgiven him; but WHOEVER SPEAKS AGAINST THE HOLY SPIRIT, it will NOT BE FORGIVEN him, either in this age or in the age to come. …” – The KING, Most Blessed Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 12:32, NKJV)

Judgment Logic: If you insult WRITTEN SCRIPTURE, eventually you will be made to do the UNFORGIVABLE SIN or close to that according to the LEVEL they INSULT SCRIPTURE.

1) Probably one of the No. 1 most influential woman “worship” pastor in the world today (so I don’t simply quote some off beat rejected women pastors but their No. 1s even which your local women pastors are no match in terms of popularity, wealth (“blessings in the prosperity gospel words”) and “number of conversions/influence globally)

2) Another example is “Paula White” Married three times (Divorced twice and remarried twice not once) while the qualifications of a “pastor” in 1 Timothy 3:2 (Bishop) or even a Deacon (in 1 Timothy 3:12) both are “husband of one wife” (meaning God NEVER calls those who have had more than one wife) and here she is female and also had more than one spouse (which is a dangerous sign)

example link listing her as No. 1

Extended logic: If these red flags show clearly danger of God not approving even the current world’s No. 1 women pastor or someone at that level, just because your women pastor does not have this level of blasphemies earlier both directly in words against the Holy Spirit and in her lifestyle against Written Scripture, neither can we trust the No. 2’s etc. since some just didn’t get the chance to be this rich or famous or revealed.

Please be careful for your soul’s sake.

Peace to you


By the way, in terms of musical talent, she is way up the charts and probably your local church is singing her songs too on a weekly basis and is further proof that “sweet music” does NOT mean “right theology” or that “God Made that music”, link (please remember her own words earlier regarding the Holy Spirit as you hear her sing wonderfully below):

Let God Decide upon whom He Will have Mercy

Peace to you




From Minute 33 onward, some serious evidence are presented in light of Deuteronomy 18:20 – 22’s Test where GOD Taught that “a Prophet never gets a prophecy wrong RULE, yes NOT even once” where a specific focus on “FAILED TRUMP PROPHECIES is shown too”:

Failed Trump Prophecies by famous pentecostal prophets

This Video gives more detailed clips,

We can be neutral but it’s best NOT to involve in these parts especially when they quote the MOST BLESSED HOLY SPIRIT and GET IT WRONG which is a WORD AGAINST HIM then meaning it can be the UNFORGIVEN SIN (Matthew 12:30 – 32), but only God Decides to have Mercy on whomever He Wills.

A sharp rebuke by Mr. Justin Peters to Mr. Kenneth Copeland (richest pastor in the world to date):


A video by Mr. Justin Peters an ace for the Reformed Churches which we consider as a serious possibility because a mistake here can mean the unforgivable blasphemy against the Holy Spirit (Matthew 12:30 – 32) but God Decides which is which and so best is to be NEUTRAL in THESE TOPICS to AVOID RISKS either way:

Peace to you






Please notice the opposite meaning in Verses presented in image above namely “… I never knew you …” if we fail to adhere to God’s Will in this important aspect that CHARITY DOCTRINE relating to PRAYER, FASTING and WORSHIP as CHRIST applied it to the NEW TESTAMENT (for example in Luke 11:41 – 42 or even JUDGMENT DAY VERSES in Matthew 25:31 – 46).






































Thank you for reading!

May God Bless you with His Salvation

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