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Chiliasm Book Latest Update (10 New Chapters Added on 25 April 2023)

Latest Update: 28 May 2023

I will just quote some major summary in images (more details in the free pdf book).

This post is mainly to announce the New Book titled “Did you know – First Christianity Chiliasm Possibility” which can be found in free pdf download link below:




Firstly, please read this book and the evidence and quotes presented in it and then decide whether I am a wolf or a goat (as some accuse) or whether I am a sheep who could be more accurate on some doctrinal points by God’s Grace not by my opinion but via each First Christianity Quote presented. Since I did not author these quotes, being holier or more spiritual than me does not disprove these First Christianity Chiliasm quotes as similarly     St. Irenaeous of Lyons can be holier than you or anyone in your entire Church whom I quote most because though he is the latest Doctor of the Church in 2022 only, however in order of existence he is the First Doctor of the Church (to date) and as per the rule of possibility I follow, the earlier a quote is, the more likely I think it’s going to be true.

This book is written to study chiefly CHILIASM PROPHECY TIMELINE and ESCHATOLOGY as a POSSIBILITY (NOT Doctrine since I am not 100% sure) but since the FIRST CHRISTIANITY EVIDENCE is there, I present it. Sometimes, the lives of some selected samples of renown Christians in academic and technological  achievements or theologians are also considered to prove the following claims:

1) Prosperity is not a proof of God’s endorsement

2) Obeying New Testament Traditions, not speaking in tongues and following Chiliasm eschatology as a possibility does not affect one’s salvation but one’s gradation of salvation (if right or wrong)

3) Charity Doctrine toward our neighbour is the Perfect Way to Love God Himself because Lord Jesus Christ Himself did NOT separate only this command from the First & Greatest Commandment making it a MUST by Relative Measure:


Next I will just present a selection of Images from the Latest Parts of the Book



























































Opps typo: [From Pages 338 onward of the #DialoguesBook] has more Proof of Christian Missionary details in history below—LGorSMv/view?usp=share_link









Thank you for reading



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