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An Edifying Conjecture on Body Soul Spirit

An Edifying Conjecture

Thus in my previous posts, I’ve come to see that the definitions of body, soul and spirit are “different in some ways absolutely” (meaning there exists some aspects which are unique to any one of these) but also that only the soul & spirit “may” share the strongest overlap in the manner described below (literally):

1) As long as we live or die “unrepentant”, the spirit is a subset of the soul and thus abides in darkness and death in the afterlife (dies due to sin – first death followed by the second death).

2) The Good News is that it doesn’t last eternally.

For believers who have “repented”, (either those living now or have died already), their souls and spirit “overlap only” but one is “not” the subset of the other simply because Christ’s Life yields something “new” to the “spirit of a believer” absent from the “previous self-willed soul”.

Yes. The spirit of a believer (internal) is renewed daily by Christ’s Life Giving Spirit (external).

I admit that these mysteries are hidden and are beyond me to comprehend but due to lack of proper words being used at times and personally, I understand this topic somewhat in the manner described above (shared for edification as a conjecture and “not” as a doctrine because these belong to hidden mysteries and I could be wrong in some points).

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