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Eternally in Hell


The myth of an immortal soul living eternally in hell

Indeed, in the book of Timothy it is written that God Alone has immortality. (which clearly disproves the myth of an immortal soul especially when cut off from God, abiding in death because of the wrath of God for those disobedient ones).

However, it doesn’t end there. Since God Himself doesn’t even hold His anger even to the age (for men) – implying the principle that His anger is “limited”, thus the abiding in wrath for those who transgress now also is limited.

Hence, the punishment is limited since God wouldn’t remain angry for ever (His changeless good principle – He chooses so).

We eventually get eternal life after death (and even second death too) which is the “last enemy” (1 Corinthians 15) gets “destroyed”.

When death and Hades is finally destroyed in the lake of fire itself (Revelation), immortality is conferred to the World.

Remember, if Christ didn’t die and rise, He wouldn’t have been able to destroy & overcome all these enemies of life (death, Hades or hell etc).

In short, we live because He lives. That is, God’s immortality alone is “independent” whilst our immortality is “dependent’ upon Him in the sense that we get it from Him since we live because He lives!

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