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Facts, Logic and Reason

Stick to facts, logic and reason; if you interpret it rightly, it will lead you to God, not away from Him.

The common fallacy that ‘logic’ is of the devil is a lie of the devil. In fact, Lord Jesus also used scripture ‘logically’ to combat satan’s logical use of Scripture during His temptation.

So, the million dollar question arises:
How do we know which ‘logic’ is of God and which is of the devil?

Simple. As Scripture points out, the logic that Wins (meaning no sensible reply could be given against it according to the principles outlined in the Bible) is the one statistically with evidence most likely of God.

This is because Lord Jesus’ logic defeated satan’s logic in using Scripture during His temptation.

The hypothesis behind this is easy; ask yourself, who is the Genius of logic, God or Satan? If your answer is God, then you got the point. Then it implies that God’s logic will win beautifully without any evil or darkness attached to it.

The myth that Satan is highly intellectual, logical and brilliant is just a lie and is a form of Satan worship. Think about it carefully and it will make sense. For an example, ‘tell people that God will fry unbelievers forever’ versus ‘God will save them all at the end of the ages’. The former statement is completely faithless (on the account of the belief in the ability of our Blessed Saviour to save) and illogical, unintelligent (in the part of God’s plan to save) but yet is more easily believed than the opposite more logical, intelligent and consistent statement that ‘He will not fail to save the world in the end’.

Why? Simple. Fear moves them easily to believe such and they are bound in bondage to it. They are not moving towards perfection which is being more Christlike (Christ didn’t want and still doesn’t want hell to be eternal – in time, His Holy desire will be fulfilled – as He shall see the travail of His Soul and be satisfied (Isaiah 53:11) – nothing satisfies Him but the salvation of the world only for which He came (John 3:17)) and fear leaves in perfection (1 John 4:18) because there is no fear in Love (agape).

The devil has lied big time deceiving the world that Jesus cannot save or has an expiry to His saving capacity (which is before you die).

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