Foreigner at Home – How do we Treat them?



The way we treat the ‘foreigner’ (as a country) or ‘in our respective houses’ speaks the level of ‘love’ we have as a Christian.


It’s easy to love your own flesh and blood (‘biased’). How we treat the ‘foreigner’ (especially those not related in blood to us) speaks best about our ‘faith in Christ’ as Christians.


Even if your ‘father’ teaches against ‘loving your neighbour (e.g. a foreigner) as yourself’, you may ‘disobey’ him because we are ONLY to obey PARENTS when they are RIGHT or teaching according to the WORD of GOD as the phrase “in the Lord” in Verse below means:


“Children, obey your parents IN THE LORD, for this is RIGHT.” – apostle Paul (Ephesians 6:1, NASB)


Can God cause one to go against his father in such circumstances?




“For I have come to turn “‘a MAN AGAINST HIS FATHER, a daughter against her mother, a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law–” – Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 10:35, NASB)


Why would God do that?


Because God does NOT approve us (even a ‘father’) when they are WRONG and UNLOVING say toward a FOREIGNER. God’s Holy Word Protects All Equally and is Unbiased.


But doesn’t a father has a right to do so in his own country or home?


A Popular error is iterated by those ‘selfish ones’. Truth is, neither the country nor your house nor even your life belongs to you because God OWNS ALL THINGS.


Can you see it?


That’s why God has a RIGHT to Command us to SHARE with say a FOREIGNER our house, etc because it is HE who GAVE us all those things GRACIOUSLY and it is NOT by the hard work of any father but by God’s MERCY ALONE.


When we understand this, we will never disrespect the poor nor the foreigner nor will we think too ‘highly’ of ourselves but realize that God gave us all that Graciously.


If we persist in ‘cruelty’, please remember that God can allow a disease upon us and end our ‘selfish’ life at any time (I’m just saying this as a reminder to we will ‘reap what we sow’ when we behave selfish like the ‘Devil’, and thus the Devil gets a right to destroy us – unless God has Mercy on whom He Wills).


Blessed be the Name of the Lord.