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The Forgotten Champion – KING Jesus Christ

‘Satan can mimic righteous works as an angel of light but not Love, for Love is only of God; Can you understand?’ – Anonymous

“True things are Deep; Read, to know Its Depth” – Anonymous

“Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?” – Abraham Lincoln

“Thus on the destruction of God’s enemies, he writes: “When the Psalmist says, ‘Thine enemies, O God, shall perish,’ * * every one who has been Thine enemy shall hereafter be made Thy friend ; the man shall not perish, the enemy shall perish.” — In Ps. xcii. 9.” – An Unknown author quoting St. Jerome of the Vulgate on it

Poem: Beautiful Reason

Lost in time,

Buried in history,

When the morning stars sang,

And the sons of God rejoiced;

Evil replaced good,

Darkness fought Light,

Bound in Chains,

Everlasting the sentence.

Man was born,

Sin was done,

All was torn,

It was undone.

War replaced Peace,

Hate fought Love,

Death reigned in sin,

Love is cold within.

Hope was lost,

Faith was absent,

None were present,

To witness this treason?

Days passed,

Years went by,

Hades enlarged,

Paradise heard its cry.

In Light He sat,

And darkness was under His feet;

In Grace and Truth,

The Son left His throne.

The sky was lit,

A Star was seen,

Born this Day,

The King of kings.

His hands healed,

His mouth preached,

His heart beat,

All with Love.

Him they beat,

Him they spat,

Him they ridiculed,

Him they killed.

Though He could,

He didn’t save Himself;

Now He can,

He saves them all!

Darkness couldn’t comprehend,

Hades couldn’t hold;

Death couldn’t kill,

The Prince of Life.

In Him was life,

The light of men;

He gave His Life,

All for the World.

A beam of light,

A gleam of dawn,

All of Light,

He gives them Life.

Without Him,

Nothing was possible;

With Him,

All things are possible.

Three days passed,

Death lost its sting;

Darkness passed,

Heaven found its King.

Men can now,

Rest in Peace;

Born was then,

Christ the King.

In Him we hope,

In Him we know,

Sons of God,

Sons of light.

In Love He conquered,

In Truth He triumphed,

In Time shall be,

And Ever will be.

The matter is sealed,

For His glory;

The duty of kings,

To search it out!

Judgment is coming,

The end is near,

He will reign,

Till all is won.

Light He fills,

Love He fills,

All He fills,

Ends all ills.

When ages past,

And time is lost,

The day will come,

One in Christ.

Perhaps we’ll hear,

Heaven’s anthem again;

When the morning stars sang,

And the sons of God rejoiced.

The reason for treason,

Is lack of reason;

The reason for reason,

Is the Son.

A reason to live,

A reason to die,

Beautiful Reason,

The risen Son.



“It is written, Chris† is Risen…”










(Ecclesiastes 3:11)


‘The World doesn’t realise that He Wins to make Everything Beautiful again, including His Enemies & that’s how, Love Wins!’ – Unknown

Please consider the links below for Edification regarding various aspects relating to the Depth of The Gospel which affects us All:


The Mystery of Hell

It’s important to understand about Hell simply because:

“The irony of Hell is this: Hell is often why people either believe in God or reject Him; So, are we really seeking God?” – Anonymous

A lengthy write-up for Edification regarding “HELL” in link below (hence I refrained from posting it here).

The Mystery of Judgment and Hell Fire – Is there Biblical Hope beyond Hell?


Understanding God's Judgment & Hell - The Problem of Evil

Killing Babies

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Time & Judgment

Same God

Is God Cruel to Punish?

The End of Satan

(ii) How about Visions of Hell?

(iii) The Importance of Preaching the Gospel in Full

FULL Truth Declaration – John the Baptist Testifies Regarding Jesus Christ

(iv) Salvation & Its relation to Faith & Works

Salvation is NOT by Works

(v) God as Savior of Israel

The Important Context of Israel first to Understand Scripture rightly:

God NEVER Changed – The Mystery regarding the Context of Holy Scripture regarding Israel

Mysteries of Who is a God like You – His Unchanging Love remains regardless in the End

(vi) God as Savior of All Men

Can God Fail to Save All Men?

A Beautiful Truth – God Never Changes from Saving All Men

(vii) God as Savior of The World

Us, All Men, Creation and the Will of God

The All Things Context

Reconcile All Things

(viii) How - Will God Save the World?

The Mystery of Free Will

Distinction: our faith vs Jesus’ Faith

What is Faith?

Mystery of the Faith OF Jesus Christ for Salvation

Limited Atonement Misunderstanding

The Beautiful Confession

God’s Will

(ix) Mysteries of God

What is the Meaning of being Born Again?

Lord Jesus is the Beautiful Reason

Who is Jesus?

Who is Lord Jesus?

The “secret” (mystery) of His Will

(x) Scriptural Logic - "as it is written"

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Judgment & Logical Fallacies – Oldest and First

Only the Bible as Infallible Inspired Scripture

Rationality – Science vs the Deep things of God

Are we doers of the Word?


Why - will God Save All? God's Beautiful Heart

The Greatest Secret – God’s Beautiful Heart

What is "It" referred to in Picture?

His Will ---> to 'Save the World' (John 3:17*)

All that remains is for it to 'become true', ('come to pass', 'become a reality'), 'a testimony' ----> when "His Ransom" For "All" is applied to "All" ----> in different "times" (plural - Kairois in Greek, Divine Times) for each one's Salvation

As implied by this verse regarding His "Ransom"

"Who (Jesus) did give Himself a Ransom for All -- the testimony ("become true") in its own times ("Kairois") -- (1 Timothy 2:6)

*"For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him." (John 3:17)

All His Will including other parts too will be achieved due to His Death on His Cross.

I quoted toward the 'Bigger Purpose of His Will' in John 3:17. Any part of His Will is quotable within His Work in His Cross as long as it is the "Will of God" which is to be "Fulfilled" by "Lord Jesus Christ" including Judgment too.

For example, the impact of His "Blood" on "His Cross" applying to "Reconcile All Creation" (all created things, definition context Colossians 1:16) is Revealed clearly in Colossians 1:20.

So, it's correct context.

Did Jesus Christ & Paul refer to different context when referring to the "It is Finished" Work of His "Cross"?

Absolutely not. Please consider:

In Colossians 1:20, Paul implies the same.

'saving the world' = 'reconcile all things' context by His "Blood" shed on His Cross.

Definition of which "all things"?
Colossians 1:16

Scripture agrees Perfectly.

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