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Garden of Eden

What really happened at the garden of Eden?
Most people think that Eve ate the fruit because she was tempted with the knowledge of good and evil…

There is more… In Genesis 3:5, we find the real core sin: ‘and you will be like god’. This temptation and sin of wanting to be god is the no.1 greatest sin because it breaks the first commandment.

Satan himself fell due to this. Thus he lures the mighty among men with the same bait. Little Napoleans in Christendom itself are all actually eating that bait with their denominational separations for God not being the author of confusion did not author the denominational differences which are all self contradicting creating a confusion in the name of Christ. Oh, what an irony!

Just as the pastors and others mock Satan for this folly, they don’t realize they themselves all have become little ‘gods’ by creating rules and dogmas to frighten and hold masses under their influence..

Most even claim to be a mediator between the church members and God whilst the Bible clearly teaches the opposite: there’s only One Mediator between men and God: namely Lord Jesus Christ Himself. Thus by setting up such organized religions, they are actually challenging the Mediator-ship and Lordship of Christ by making themselves some sort of a lord and mediator… Thus making themselves ‘gods’ as well… Just like Satan.

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