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Handle it Wisely

Remember for example, that the king at that time (Caesar) was persecuting, torturing and killing Christians.

But yet, the command is to “honour him”. Why? When a Christian suffers for “Good” (even in the face of unfairness and evil) for the sake of obeying “God’s Command”, only then that believer will be “honoured” greatly in the afterlife.


If you have never endured evil while you maintain goodness by obeying God’s Word, then what is there to reward you in the afterlife?

That’s why we thank God for His Word through which we “learn wisdom” to “know” that even enduring the most “evil things done to us” we are surely rewarded in the afterlife.

That’s how in “no” way (except the destruction of this perishing earthly body) can a “believer” be affected adversely in a permanent way especially since by enduring it, great rewards await in the afterlife (into the coming age). Yes, that’s how “the righteous” (in Him) never lose (in the afterlife which really matters).

A victory by evil in this current flesh based world is “vanity” and is subject to “punishment of the fires of Gehenna” (in the coming age) where the sufferings they inflicted on others etc. will be paid back. May God have Mercy.



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