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Hell – The Truth


Be careful of what you do to your fellow men (even your enemies) because:

Woe to the wicked! — it will go badly for them, for what they have done will be done to them.” (Isaiah 3:11)

I repeat, “what they’ve done” (e.g. beheading, burning others with fire etc) that “will be done to them” (read this last verse carefully & literally – Obviously if not here, in Hell it’s definite).

Really? What is Hell?

There is a Hell (Gehenna, Sheol, Hades, Lake of Fire – any place of punishment in the afterlife) but it’s “not” eternal but serves as a painful cure to “destroy” the “evil in you”.

Its punishments are “just” (fair) mainly inflicting the “pain” which “you’ve done to others literally”.

Why is it not eternal?
His Awesome Work on His Cross is One Reason why He is Able to cross the previously un-crossable chasm to come and “Save” you from “your sins” … In “time” (long time generally).

Lord Jesus Christ is the Saviour Who alone can Save you out of Hell itself.

On that Day you’ll realize why His Name means “Saviour”.

To be Saved in this temporal life itself?
Believe Him!

Ok, why? Explanation?

Big sin/Small sin

Punishment in Hell is “painful” (equivalent to beating) but its severity and frequency depends on “your own sins” which you’ve done (relative).

Big sins = more painful punishments while Small sins = merit less painful punishment as the Bible reveals this truth in the verses below (literally):

The servant who knows the master’s will and does not get ready or does not do what the master wants will be beaten with many blows. But the one who does not know and does things deserving punishment will be beaten with few blows…” (Luke 12:47 – 48)

Now, who will torment/torture or carry out the beatings (inflict pain) in Hell?

I believe it’s the Demons (who are called torturers/tormentors in the verse below):

And having been wroth, his lord delivered him to the torturers, till he might pay all that was owing to Him;” (Matthew 18:34)

Why does God allow it?
Because you “didn’t forgive others” (even in your “heart”) and also acted “cruelly” toward others (that’s why this same measure of Judgment is measured back to you initially).

so also My heavenly Father will do to you, if ye may not forgive each one his brother from your hearts their trespasses.’.” (Matthew 18:35)


God doesn’t make mistakes.
You will “die in your sins” and merit the “punishment in Hell” if you don’t believe in Him because “your sins remains” (unforgiven till its appointed time).

You will only get out of Hell after you’ve paid the last penny (punishments merited according to your sin) as the verse below declares truthfully (Hell is not forever for God is Just – Rendering punishment according to what your evil acts have merited only):

I (Lord Jesus Christ) tell you, you will not get out until you have paid the last penny.” (Luke 12:59)

Lastly, why believe and follow God in this life itself?

Don’t Believe & Don’t Follow = least in the Kingdom/Reign of God/the Heavens.

Believe & Follow = Great in the Kingdom/Reign of God/the Heavens.

Proof verse:

World English Bible
Whoever, therefore, shall break one of these least commandments, and teach others to do so, shall be called least in the Kingdom of Heaven; but whoever shall do and teach them shall be called great in the Kingdom of Heaven.” (Matthew 5:19)

Young’s Literal Translation
Whoever therefore may loose one of these commands — the least — and may teach men so, least he shall be called in the reign of the heavens, but whoever may do and may teach them, he shall be called great in the reign of the heavens.” (Matthew 5:19)

Make thy choice.
God is Perfectly Fair in that He allows your choice to determine the outcome but is Love im that He Will eventually Save you from your wrong choices too (be it in this life or the afterlife).

Don’t be Deceived.



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