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Hell Torment – Odunao, Kolasis, & Basanizo



Regarding kolasin, here are my write ups:


(i) Kolasin Aionion


Dr J W Hanson focuses on the Etymological aspect of this Word quoting even Socrates via Plato regarding it too.




(ii) Matthew 25:46




Regarding Basanizo or Odunao I don’t have any because I don’t know Koine Greek and the Kolasin write up above quotes Dr J W Hanson’s work heavily which I think is sufficient.


As I know the word torment represents both the “Retributive Judgment” followed by the “Restorative Judgment”.


1) Retributive Judgment


Any in ‘Hell’ must endure their own pain which they caused on others first (Isaiah 3:11, Galatians 6:7). The ‘fire’ in Hell causes this pain as per the Rich Man’s suffering in Hades (Luke 16:19 – 31).


2) Restorative Judgment


The Fire in Hell eventually causes a Restorative Purification as per Malachi 3:2 which points more specifically to The Gehenna Fire in the Lake of Fire during the Final Great White Throne Judgment.


Thus I believe that the ‘good non-Christians’ may be saved earlier from ‘Hades’ now itself after doing their time as per my recent post which describes this.


The wicked however do not get saved from Hades now and must undergo the Final Lake of Fire Judgment where after the ‘resurrection for Judgment on the last hour of the Last Day’ (John 5:28 – 29), their Body + Soul will be destroyed in Gehenna Fire (Matthew 10:28) —-> where they may live in spirit first (1 Peter 4:6, 1 Corinthians 5:5) —-> as it is described in the ‘Lost Orthodoxy Book’ —-> especially in regards to this reconciliation from the Lake of Fire itself (Revelation 22:17) where I believe eventually all the wicked will be ‘Vivified or Made Alive’ in Christ at most at the start of AGE3 or AEON3 as per His Promise in John 17:1 – 5.


Too much details and it’s described in the Lost Orthodoxy Book.


For a specific treatment of those words, please refer to other Christian Universalists who may have a better Koine Greek Etymological explanation of it (Micro aspect).


I focus more on the “Macro aspect” of these Verses pointing to a Universal Salvation Hope as Described.


By “Hell”


I mean ‘any afterlife Judgment regions Collectively’ be it the ones existent now or the Final Lake of Fire/Gehenna one later.




To quote (Page 30 from the ‘Lost Orthodoxy Book’):


Both His Retributive Judgment (‘Judgment with NO Mercy first’) and His Restorative Judgment (‘Mercy Triumphs over Judgment’) —-> are true, in one Verse: James 2:13.


If we don’t accept it, nothing changes.


The Verses remain true and I prefer Irenaeous and Justin’s exegesis (earliest, best and most authoritative, Orthodox) after the Bible Verses.


Majority of Christian Universalists from Earliest Christianity believed in Purgatorial Universalism (just like me) which includes Retributive Judgment followed by Restorative Judgment.


The usual historians will ‘claim’ that Justin & Irenaeous taught ‘eternal Hell’ or ‘annihilation’ which we will address those quotes later in full and realize that they actually taught Purgatorial Universalism.


“Secrets of God” are not plainly Written in Holy Scripture and are rare.


The True Ancient Lineage of Apostolic Authority such as is passed down to St. Justin Martyr or St. Irenaeous of Lyons and even St. Clement of Alexandria clearly imply this Truth in their writings together with FIRST CHRISTIANITY’S Endorsed Hell-Heaven of Afterlife Visions in the ‘Infamous Shepherd of Hermas Book’ which Harmonizes to this Same Truth too.




P/S: Links


(i) Book with Covers








(ii) Book with NO Covers




P/S 2: A Common Objection


If so, why should I believe in Christ now?


Please refer to Page 492 in the ‘Lost Orthodoxy Book’ for an explanation. Thank you.


Peace to you


There is HOPE for the ‘Seeker of Truth despite Doctrinal Error’ for both the Christians and non-Christians alike in the ‘afterlife in their souls upon death somewhere in the spirit world’ but sometimes accompanied with ‘Judgment first’ as Sadhu Sundar Singh’s Visions Confirm this Truth (Reliable “Empirical Evidence“), to quote:


“But, as many Christian believers, as well as non-Christian seekers after truth, die while still holding false and partial views of truth, their views are corrected in the world of spirits, provided that they are not obstinately welded to their opinions, and are willing to learn, because neither in this world, nor in the next, does God, or any servant of His, force a man to believe anything against his will.” – Sadhu Sundar Singh


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