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HOPE – means Raised to LIFE and not some to an eternal Hell




It’s explained in post in link below via two resurrections for the wicked as the wicked die twice in a death in this life and a second death in a resurrected perishable body for Judgment first:


A Verse


“and the smoke of their torment doth go up to ages of ages; and they have no rest day and night, who are bowing before the beast and his image, also if any doth receive the mark of his name.” (Revelation 14:11, YLT)


Please note carefully the following:


“smoke of their torment” (Revelation 14:11) = their CORPSES or CARCASSES Dead Body with NO SOUL and NO SPIRIT (hence NO Conscious Torment remains) —-> burning in the unquenchable fire (Isaiah 66:24).


Please note that “their torment” is to the “age” (AGE2 only based on Matthew 25:46) while their CARCASS may continue to burn to AGE3 etc. as God Wills which may be understood when Revelation 14:11 is considered together with Isaiah 66:24.


That is,


“their torment” = to the age, AGE2 (Matthew 25:46)


“the smoke of their torment” (Revelation 14:11) = to the “ages” out of a larger set of (total) Ages (Revelation 14:11) where eventually only the “corpses or carcasses” (with no soul /spirit, i. e. lifeless bodies) remain in the Fire for AGE2, AGE3… as God Wills (inferred together with Isaiah 66:24 as explained in link above).


Please note that in the phrase “ages of Ages”:


ages = AGE2, AGE3, … (subset)


Ages = a Bigger Set of Time containing the aforementioned “ages” as its ‘subset’.


A Detailed explanation is found in link above for edification.



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