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How about the meaning of ages of Ages?


Commonly erred and translated as “forever and ever” when the actual original Greek Word used In the Original Greek New Testament is “ages of Ages”.

This is how I see it ‘as it’s written’:

“ages of Ages”

“ages” = (subset of a smaller set of a ages; each age having a beginning and an end)

“Ages” = (a larger set of Ages containing the smaller set of ages mentioned above)

Of = ‘belonging to’

*Glory to God to the “ages of Ages” highlights (not limits) the time “ages” according to a Purpose or Will which is usually mentioned in Scriptural discussion prior.

That is, God is said to be Glorious to the “ages” into which these Purposes are fulfilled.

Just like God of Israel highlights and magnifies His God-ship or Purposes fulfilled with Israel but does not limit Him to that.

In short,

It’s “not” a Definition of ‘how long will His Glory last’ as commonly erred simply because

(i) The words used (“ages to Ages”) simply don’t mean this

(ii) Plus the ‘topic’ in discussion before the phrase say ‘Glory to the ages” is found is “not” —> ‘how long is God’s Glory going to last’ —> His Glory is always and doesn’t need to be defined but highlighted as His Will is being Fulfilled

(iii) It refers to a ‘highlight’ of His Glory to the “ages” as purposes mentioned are being fulfilled by His Will —> ‘not’ a limit to His Glory in any way

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