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Joy marks the End of Wrong Feelings

When you’re healed of “wrong feelings” (for example),…


‘Joy comes in the morning’ because it’s gone!




“Wrong feelings” were there because they’re like ‘parasites’ attached to you; and when the Blessed Lord removes those parasites,  the feelings disappear too bringing forth healing.


For some, healing may happen in a day while for others in a week or a month or only after years…  Even into the ages which are coming… (that depends on ‘your faith in Him’ to receive that ‘healing’).

Remember His Blessed Words with regards to ‘healing’,

“let it be done according to your faith” – Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 9:29)


In fact, the only ‘feeling’ which remains is “Love of God” Which alone is stated to be “unfailing” (eternal); All else is just “temporal”.





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