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King of kings


He is King of kings.

If you read Scripture, you will notice two things:
1. He doesn’t fight with weapons for He is God. The last battle of Armageddon testifies to Him slaying the entire satanic army by just a Word … All from His mouth. Remember, that’s how in the beginning itself He created all things, by His Word. Only created things (not god) need weapons like knives etc to fight their battles.
2. Secondly, He fights alone. Even when the entire army of heaven gathered behind Him at Armageddon (looking from when it has come to pass), He fights alone. He doesn’t need created things to fight His battles. It’s just a privilege to join Him. Indeed, the Lord will fight for you. He is the Ultimate army of One.

His army is not made up of soldiers…
His army is made up of kings.
That’s why Scripture records us as being made kings and priests through Him. (rev 1:6)

Who is He? The Son of God (singular).

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