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Last lights


These were the last ‘lights of the world’ being the ‘true believers’ of Christ in the earliest Christianity before the plunging into darkness began:

‘Ye are the light of the world, a city set upon a mount is not able to be hid;’
(Matthew 5:14)

Note that most in the earliest Eastern Church (Eastern theologians – mostly Greek speaking churches) believed in Universalism whilst the Western Church (Western theologians – mostly Latin speaking churches) believed in eternal torment…

Amazing, isn’t it?


1. Indeed these theologians who even quoted the reconciliation/forgiveness of the devils too were not “in a cult” but were themselves the authorities in the Universal (Catholic – One) Church at those earliest times. This is not a cult teaching. Eternal hell’s earliest father from Rome, Tertullian is the one that was in a cult against the church during his lifetime – the Montanist cult. What an irony.

2. The common “quotes” made by the “eternal hell camp” to “try” quote say, St. Iraneus to show that he believed in ‘eternal fire’ is WRONG and a LIE. How do we know this? It’s very simple. Note that St.Iraneus wrote originally in Greek and would have used the ‘aion-aionous’ derivations to describe ‘punishment’ or ‘duration’ of hell. Thus the ‘eternal fire’ is actually supposed to be ‘age-during fire’ if translated correctly… Can you see how each of the quotes from Polycarp to Justin Martyr actually talks only about ‘age-during fire/punishment’ and nothing of ‘eternal duration’ agreeing with the literal meaning of the words used in the Greek bible as how the other Greek fathers such as Clement of Alexandria and Origen of Alexandria (both masters of Greek – very learned men) understood ‘aion-aionous’ derivations to be temporal/limited in time. Can you see the deception and how easy it is to ‘see’ the Truth of Christian Universalism?

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