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Under the previous Old Testament Covenant, men such as king David became legendary having slain “ten thousand enemies” for the “right cause of Justice” earning him the title of being “a man after God’s own Heart”.

However, more remarkably, the New Testament Covenant saw the only Son of God, Lord Jesus Christ Who is The Legend exhibiting the most noble Act of “laying down His Life” instead of “killing others” beginning the solution to the problem of “sin/evil” for the “Perfect cause of Love” having “God’s Heart” in Him being God Who came in the Flesh as Man.

Thus if soldiers (such as king David) were brave, it’s obvious that those who lay down their lives for Love without fighting following Christ are braver (because this means to endure more pain).

Christ is the Bravest of All because He is the First to Love His enemies and even plans to Save them via the fire in Judgment fulfilling His One immutable Holy Will to be Saviour of the World!

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