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Lies hurt

Truth only hurts when we’re believing a lie or when we’re loving a wicked thing.


Because it is written that, “Love rejoices in the truth” (in 1 Corinthians 13) and thus it follows that there’s no such thing as a “hurtful truth” (a myth taught by the world) since “truth is rejoiced by Love and Love doesn’t rejoice in hurting”.

Thus, we’re only hurt not because Love hurts us but rather the wickedness or the love of an evil thing which we hold on to (arising mostly from self -pride) is what actually hurts us.

And not being able to see this, one continues in misery and Love certainly does “not” rejoice since it stems from God alone and it’s written that, “God is Love”.

Love waits till all things “change” (repent) and return into His never-ending Kingdom One Day.

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