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Love is the Answer

A Quote:

‘Whatever the question, LOVE is the answer’.


Because Love will tell you from ‘what response to give’ to ‘what actions should you do’ for ‘any situation in life’ –> it’s just the question of ‘how far do we want to follow His Love?’

Are we willing to ‘follow Him’ so selflessly even toward ‘suffering’ and eventually ‘death in Him’ instead? (sacrificing our ‘worldly things’ to obey His commands of ‘selflessness’)

A ‘practical life’ is just another ‘selfish life’

The more we’re willing to ‘follow Him’, the more ‘selfless’ we ought to become.

This ‘last choice’ is not only the ‘most difficult’ but also the ‘most beautiful’ one indeed.

Again, “how far are we willing to follow after Him?”

Lastly, remember it’s written that:

God is Love” (1 John 4:8)

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