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Money (Everybody’s favourite topic)

You’re allowed to make money, but only in a secular job.

The Bible doesn’t allow you to make money in God’s things/ministry.

Simple as that.
His Work (ministry) is most beautiful and truthful when it’s done ‘free’ using ‘money’ earned from ‘your own’ hard work in a ‘secular job’.

There’s no “full time” excuse found in the New Testament (no verses).

That’s why even apostle Paul worked as a tentmaker (a secular job) and Christ told His sent out missionaries to “not take any money” but only “food & water” as “wages” (Ministry done in “truth & obedience” to His Command).

Yes, “no verses, no talk”.
A Bible reading Christian will know that each point I stated above is from “verses” (not opinions).

Christ perfectly put it, “You either serve God or money (mammon)”.


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