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Never “Forget” – Love (in Full)


“More” worried.

Sin comes in thoughts, words and actions.

Therefore, I’m “more” worried about my words than my thoughts and of my actions more than my words.

Let’s begin on “Love”.

Love ❤ Quest.

I’ve come to learn that the quest for true Love is not found in seeking someone to marry but is found in finding the True and Living God.

In any marriage, it comprises of two individuals striving to love each other though being “imperfect”; and all “imperfect” beings (i.e. All of us) are only able to exhibit some degree of “imperfect” love only. Commendable but “not perfection”.

In the case for God, I find that God, the “Perfect” One Loves all His “imperfect” creatures unconditionally, proven with His Will to Save them All from their Destructions, in the End (The True “Perfect” Love indeed).

Do you show Your wonders to the dead?

Do their spirits rise up and praise You?

Is Your Love declared in the grave,

your faithfulness in Destruction?” (Psalm 88:10 – 11)

The end of our Love ❤ Quest.


You have a loving heart?

The rest may claim to look differently (at the heart) but we’re all liars (including me).

The fact is I look at both the outward (physical look – in giving attentions due to attractions) as well as inwardly (the heart that’s kind to me – selfish toward wanting the person to be ‘nice’ to me first).

For an example, a mother only loves “her” child unconditionally but she can’t do it to a stranger, an enemy or even me (fact).

God’s Love is beyond any mother’s love or father’s love of any sort because He is the only One Who Loves all His enemies (those with impure hearts) as well.

That’s why He asked:

“If you only Love those who Love you (e.g. A mother loving her child & vice versa), what good is it to you?” – Lord Jesus Christ

He (Jesus) is the only One Who has unconditional Love “Perfectly” (100%) and thus has been sent by the Father Himself to be the “Saviour of the World” (1 John 4:14).

That is, God Loves even when it is never reciprocated toward Him. Haven’t you seen the “prosperity” of the wicked?

Yes. As our Blessed Lord said, “He is kind to the unthankful and evil” (Luke 6:35) and that “He makes the sun rise on both the good and the evil” (Matthew 5:45).

Only He alone is Different (Good) because of this.

No matter how hard you try, no one can ever Love ❤ more than Him like this, unconditionally.

Just five minutes with me or just a sight of me, I can make plenty of “you” to hate me even as it’s the case with many “pastors & churchgoers” who are praying & believing that I’ll burn in an “eternal” hell just because I don’t subscribe to their doctrines anymore (because they see me as a ‘false teacher’).

But, because He alone Loves all of us like this, unconditionally with action beyond mere fake words,

“Blessed be His Holy Name!”

Conditional love ❤?

A mother’s love is actually “conditional” because it is “conditional” to the fact that the child is “her own flesh and blood” (fact).

But, God’s Love is unconditional because He even Loves His enemies (those who “don’t believe” as well).

The penalty of sin is the result of justice but the result of His Love is the Salvation of the World through the Righteous Act of His Sinless Son Who died to take away the sin of the World on His Cross.

Slaughter a child in front of any mother and if she can (has the power to do so), she’ll stop or kill you. If she can’t, she’ll put a curse on you to “burn eternally in Hell” (That’s a mother’s love).

However, they killed God’s Son (Lord Jesus Christ) brutally at the Cross. Though He can (has the Power to do so), the Father chose not to destroy entire creation into non-existence.

Furthermore, instead of destroying the enemies who murdered His only Son in an eternal Hell, He chose to Answer the Prayer of His Most Loving Son on His Cross to “Forgive” them All in the end because He cried out for His enemies instead:

Father, Forgive them for they do not know what they do” – Lord Jesus Christ (Luke 23:34).

That’s the Mystery of the Cross and how “God is Love” even to the most evil and vile creatures who turned away from Him at their own will.

Imperfect love.

Imperfect creatures cannot love perfectly and thus God, the only Perfect Creator is able and does Love Perfectly.

What is Perfect Love?
The Love which Loves Unconditionally in Truth which is clearly found only in God.


Read this somewhere.

God has always been “Giving” and for-“Giving” while man has always been “Getting” and for-“Getting”.

In conclusion,

We will not “Forget” but will “Remember” as the verse below prophecies, and “turn to Him” in the end:

All the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the LORD, and all the families of the nations will bow down before Him,” (Psalm 22:27)




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