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No Judgment – Reject Bastard Theology



Issue: Some Universalist Christians think that if there is afterlife Judgment or any judgment in this life for anybody, then Christ is not Saviour of the World.



It’s incorrect to think that there is no God’s Judgment and it’s filthy to think of Salvation without Judgment for the unrepentant.


To believe in a Salvation without Judgment in this life or the next accordingly is done by “bastards” (as Holy Scripture points in Hebrews 12:7 – 8 or Proverbs 13:1, Proverbs 3:11, Job 5:17, Psalm 94:12 & correcting is part of Love, Hebrews 12:6; please don’t be angry with me as I didn’t invent Scripture).


Why? It is explained reasonably with all sanity next.


Firstly, those who repent now obtain Salvation without any afterlife Judgment (John 5:24).


Those who repent later post afterlife Judgment (James 2:13) obtain it after the last penny (Christ’s Infallible Words and not Justin Martyr’s nor Plato’s, Luke 12:59, Matthew 5:26).


That’s the meaning of the Salvation of the Saviour of the World (1 John 4:14) in His Ransom being applied to all in its Own Divine Kairois-plural Times (apostle Paul’s Words in 1 Timothy 2:6).


In other Words, Salvation is only applicable post-repentance where those who believe in Him & repent now obtain it without any afterlife Judgment (John 5:24) while others only via His Mercy which Triumphs over and ends any afterlife Judgment sentences but only after an appropriate Judgment-part according to their deeds first (apostle James explains in James 2:13).


So, we see that repentance is prior to Salvation be it in this life or the next. Rational Creation’s choice plays a role here in regards to Judgment (Galatians 6:7) but God’s Will treats each fairly as to ‘keep them bound in their own disobedience first or to release them of it’ (Romans 9 – 11).


The Judgment-part is important because only God sees each heart which sins as to how deliberately evil it is.

The Judgment-part is fair because one only experiences the level of pain or hurt one has caused toward others only (Isaiah 3:11) as one ‘reaps what one sows’ (Galatians 6:7).

The opinions of men who claim that there is no afterlife Judgment is against Holy Scripture & all sanity and is fallible and dead wrong. Only the wicked would want this because they don’t want to experience the evil they did to others & get off easy.


Please remember that believers do not come under afterlife Judgment (John 5:24) because they have already been judged on earth accordingly (Hebrews 12:8).

So, each one is judged in some way experiencing one’s “own evil/pain which they did first” (be it in this life or next), repents as every knee will bow to Him (be it in this life or next, willingly) and thereafter be Saved (Restored) by the Saviour of the World by the cleansing of Sin.


Judgment does not remove sin but only lets one experience one’s own sin in regards to equivalent pain & hurt which one caused toward others especially their fellow men.


The removal of sin is only by the Blood of Lord Jesus Christ which is Promised toward the Whole World (John 1:29, 1 John 4:14) but in its own Divine-Kairois Times accordingly (1 Timothy 2:6) which is post-afterlife Judgment if repentance is in the spirit world (James 2:13).


Peace to you








An edifying comment:


If they repent in this life, God Forgives and depending on the sin in this life, God excuses entirely or allows Judgment-part. His Choice as no one gets off easy. Believers who practiced mercy vs forgiveness toward others too determines this in their experience of Judgment in this life.


If they don’t repent, same rule in the afterlife judgment according to how serious they sinned & they will be punished or let go according to the last penny of which they practiced mercy vs forgiveness toward others too.




No one gets a free bypass.


The one has adultery in the heart or equivalent get pain as Revelation mentions regarding the Great Harlot too (in Judgment Principle of Revelation 2:22).


We don’t need to worry about anyone escaping nor about anyone falsely enduring more Judgment.


No one can trick God.


God Alone Judges each case by their merit vs sin to determine the sentence endured or for how long or whether they be forgiven fairly without judgment due to circumstances.


Judgment-part is mentioned in this life for believers as a Father determines whether to punish/excuse or what level of punishment for betterment would be fair & cause a change too.


Similarly the Judgment-part for the rest is in the afterlife as it is appointed man to die once and after this the Judgment (Hebrews 9:27) till victory is achieved in that repentance & betterment comes out post-Judgment via Mercy (James 2:13).

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