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Oldest or Truth?

A great fallacy among some of the religious is to assume that “a belief must be true” just because it is “older” in preservation.

This is clearly not necessarily the case as even a classic analogy below helps to reveal:

‘The belief that the earth is flat is older than the belief that the earth is round. In fact, many religious stories across some cultures either directly or indirectly imply that the earth is flat. Today, we know that the “oldest belief” that the “earth is flat” is “false”. Likewise, God chose to reveal His Truth in its time’ (explaining the reason, “why not earlier?”).


Thus, an unbiased seeker would seek out “the Truth” of a matter rather than “what is older” or “which was said first” with regards to Theology too.


An interesting excerpt from the Bible reveals that “the Truth” (see below) is more than just a “fact” and it refers to “God Himself”.

“I am the Truth” – Lord Jesus Christ (part of John 14:6)


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