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Perfect Fruits

“Perfect” Fruits (Matthew 5:48).

The Bible also warned that Satan’s ministers can be transformed into “ministers of righteousness” (2 Corinthians 11:15).

So, how do we decide “who is who”?

Simple: It is determined by “to whom” one really “serves” (literally). Christ told that one either serves “God” or “Money” (Mammon) as written in (Matthew 6:24).

Thus one’s “fruits” are to be judged in light of this:

1. Things of this world – these things may be used for monetary success but without deceit, extortion and sin. Hence nothing wrong in becoming rich by doing the “works” of this world, e.g. running a business or earning through a desk job.

2. Things of God – these things cannot and must never be used to make “money”. That’s why Christ got very angry (only time recorded such in the Bible – Matthew 21:12) in which he drove the “money” making businesses which were done “outside/around” His Temple (how much more doing business/selling inside the church in His Name?)

3. Continuation on the things of God – again, these things are to be given back to God as Lord Jesus also instructed, “render to Caesar the things which are Caesar’s and to God the things which are God’s” (Matthew 22:21).

4. How do we give back to God the things which are His? Our Blessed Saviour answered thus, “freely you have received, freely give” (Matthew 10:8).

In other words, the things which are God-Given (e.g. the ones which pertain to the Work of God such as Theological Teachings, Teaching Christian Music, the gift of writing/composing Christian songs, the gifts of prophecy, casting out of demons, healing etc must all be given “free” (literally) with no “hypocrisy” (meaning no freewill receiving of “money” nor “love offerings” which are all contrary to His Holy Word).

The only “wages” for a true missionary of Christ (as it is written in the Bible, literally) is “food & drinks” (in Luke 10:7 – His Rules does not change in time only lies evolve. Truth remains the same in Him).

A note:

The rule is the same for everyone. God doesn’t suddenly whisper into a pastor’s ear and teach contrary to the verses stated in the Original Greek Bible. Don’t be deceived.

Remember, the Voice of God does not contradict the Word of God.

I will end with an example to illustrate the “fruits” between two Christians:

1. Type 1 Christian – Gives some things of which God has given him free (taking no payment for his services or taking no salary for his servitude) but receives “love offerings, tithes, freewill monetary gifts – for the work of “god” which he thinks he has done”. Quite commonly exclaims, “all glory to god” after doing such so that everyone who hears that phrase gets duped into thinking such acts were right and Biblical.

2. Type 2 Christian – Gives all things which is of God (e.g. Theological teachings & music) absolutely free with no strings nor hidden agendas attached. Does not collect any “love offerings, tithes nor any freewill monetary gifts” for those Work of God done simply because it is done in Light and Truth in accordance to the Commands of Christ aforementioned.

Which Christian are you?
As usual, you decide for yourselves which is “right”.


Money is the lifeblood of all false teachings in this present age (aion).

Remove the money and all these false teachings together with the gods which authored them will “die”.

The True and Living God doesn’t need you, me nor money to Save the World or to do His Work in Truth.

It’s just a privilege for True believers to use “our money” (relatively speaking) to give the gifts (which God gave absolutely) to do the good works (good fruits) in “honour” for Him seeking our own immortality and life too as the verse (below) says:

“to those, indeed, who in continuance of a good work, do seek glory, and honour, and incorruptibility — life age-during.” (Romans 2:7)

P/S 2:

Note that in the verse above (in Romans 2:7), though we do the “good works” hoping to merit immortality (seeking it), we’re only conferred the “age-during life”, which is life in the coming age as a reward for our “obedience to Him” (as a reward to both our faith and works – literally). Note also that our “good works” does not merit “immortality” (incorruptibility) but rather just the “fair reward” of “age-during life”.

P/S 3:

The Best case study for this Perfect principle in the Bible: Apostle Paul.

Apostle Paul himself did not use the “going full time for God excuse” but rather humbled himself (not abusing the authority of being the apostle to the Gentiles) by even working a simple job as a “tentmaker” (Acts 18:3) in order to provide for his “own needs” as the verse below “literally” states:

“You yourselves know that these hands of mine (Paul) have supplied my own needs and the needs of my companions.” (Acts 20:34)

Now, the “collections” which Paul took, he states honestly that he used it to build “other churches = you” (called out groups – Ekklesia) and no hint of it being used for his “own sustenance*” (salary or wages in money) – “literally” in the Bible again:

“I robbed other churches by receiving support from them so as to serve you.” (2 Corinthians 11:8)

*If ever apostle Paul used the money collected from other churches to “feed himself”, it just proves that he is human and it does “not” contradict the “Perfect” principles which God (in Christ) has underlined for “His True Work”.

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