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“…Who did not allow his prisoners to go home?”
(Isaiah 14:17).

Who did not allow his prisoners (in hell/hades/sheol) to go ‘free’ in the verse above? Lucifer (morning star) – can you see who wants ‘hell’ to be ‘eternal’? or shall I say, can you see from whom ‘eternal hell theology originates from?’ (implied literally from lucifer’s intention of not wanting (his will) that any should go ‘home’ (be freed!).

Good thing it doesn’t ‘end’ there…

The One with the Spirit of God (Lord Jesus only) came to do the opposite:

“…good news…to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound;”
(Isaiah 61:1)

Can you ‘see’ who didn’t want to free his prisoners in ‘hell’ (Lucifer) whilst Who came to set the prisoners ‘free’ (Lord Jesus Himself)!

Hope you can see that Lucifer wants “hell to be eternal” whilst Christ wants to set free those prisoners in hell (since in any vision of hell, one can clearly see that Lucifer has them in prison there – his dominion – and tortures them)… Christ wants all to be reconciled (Colossians 1:20) and He will not ‘fail’. He doesn’t ‘try’, He is Faithful and True to finish the work bringing about the promised conclusion in ‘time’..

The ‘Good News’ is He will set all the prisoners of Satan in hell to go free and destroy Hell!

Who is ‘He’?
As usual, none other than Lord Jesus Christ!

Indeed, let’s sing:
“Be welcome Home!”

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