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Relationship Tries



I agree to the quote in picture.


Give the relationship a try first by saying hello, but then if there’s “no” response,  it doesn’t mean that person is necessarily bad toward you.


What it means is this:

That person is “not” in God’s Will for you to have a ‘right-pure’ relationship as friends.


If a person is truly sent by God to be your friend,  they will definitely “talk to you” for God doesn’t make mistakes at all.


Wisdom teaches us that God disallows some relationships even as friends because it could lead you ‘away from Him’ or even cause you to be ‘destroyed for no good reason in the end’.


So, appreciate it when someone locks you out of their life simply because it may be actually “protecting you” (especially your faith in Him from further recline into darkness).




Knowing the facts is one thing but acting according to it requires God’s Grace.


*I’ve made mistakes in this area in the past too.

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