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Respect God


Respect God (a simple note)

How many of you call your pastor by name or just call him as a brother? Almost immediately (most pastors) would ‘correct’ you and say something like, “don’t call me Rai or brother Rai but rather Pastor Rai. Have some respect.”

Isn’t it an irony that such “humble pastors” don’t practice their own “man-made teaching for respect?”


Haven’t you heard your pastor call our Saviour as “Jesus” and not “Lord Jesus”. Isn’t it an irony that this same pastor ‘corrected’ you by insisting that you call him “Pastor Rai” and not “Rai”.

I think the point made is obvious (“by your own words you will be judged”)

Actually, Lord Jesus Christ is the most Humble One. Why? Simply because He never ‘corrected’ anybody in the Bible for calling Him “Jesus” by replying, call me “Lord Jesus” instead!

That’s why, as much as possible, I love to call Him, “Lord Jesus” instead of “Jesus” because He is The Most Humble One.


I always feel like praising Him because of His Humility (that’s one secret ‘why’ the plan of salvation of all in the Bible is not so ‘obvious’. Simply said, He never told it in a very “braggingly direct” way.

All glory to the ages of Ages (till the fulfillment of His plan to save all) be directed to the Most Humble One = Lord Jesus Christ!

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