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Righteous man: The Mammon-less Gospel

Part 1 – My Bible lesson on “righteous man”:

Some verses to help you out lest you unknowingly blaspheme God further… “according as it hath been written — ‘There is none righteous, not even one;” (Romans 3:10)

We were “made righteous” (Romans 5:19). Exact terminology as found in the Bible is very important. Using phrases not found in the Bible especially when it involves God often causes “confusion”.

We were made righteous unto God by Christ’s atonement (2 Corinthians 5:21)

Even prophet Isaiah states that “our righteousness” is like “filthy rags” (Isaiah 64:6). Read Matthew 23 (woes proclaimed by the Lord to the Pharisees or “pastors”) – note that Christ does not list the sins of the Pharisees as “adultery” or “idolatry” (implying these are not what they usually do) but rather “hypocrisy” (prideful in thinking that they’re righteous) till they do the “religious sins” in the “name of God”. .

The average sinner on the street though he may murder or sleep with a prostitute, he usually doesn’t do it in the “name of God”… But the religious sins (false teachings), collecting tithes (not for the Gentiles & not under the NT covenant), praying in public (prayer meetings when Christ instructed private prayers), public speaking in tongues (when the Holy Spirit instructed only at most 2 or 3 are to speak in tongues in a public gathering – and MUST interpret; if not “keep silent” (or shut up) in the church) etc…

Don’t be deceived – your sins are all “mammon” based (money based) as long as you take a “salary” for working in the church… The other “sinners” don’t do that… Money (mammon) sins are the worst since Christ directly contrasts servitude between God and Mammon.

Part 2 – Continuation –

Apostle Paul himself “worked with his own hands”… Robbing churches to build other churches (not taking a wage or salary for his sustenance)… A true man called by God will follow the principles of the Bible accurately especially in doing “His Work”… Living off on the charity of others is only “ok” when you’re old or can’t work due to some disabilities… Not extorting money out of the sheep of God whilst you “pastors” have the “easiest” job in the world living off “mammon”.

Remember, don’t “twist” Scripture (out of what’s written “literally”)… Even our Blessed Lord and Saviour Himself when He stated that a “labourer is worthy of his wages” did “not” refer to “money” (wages) at all but rather “only food & water” (read the verses again & again and you’ll see this to be true). Christ even instructed them “not to take money” and also “not to take money bags or purses” (directly implying no money is to be “collected in His Holy Name”).

During our Lord’s earthly ministry, people provided for them (literally means food & water – Bible allows this ‘wages’). The “money box” held by Judas (who took what was put into it) implies that it was used to “serve the poor or others” — why? Simply because other verses aforementioned above states that God doesn’t allow money collection in His Name to be used for “personal sustenance” under the NT Covenant. Another reason is that …

The Bible “condemns” Judas for “taking what was put into it” (using for his personal sustenance) – directly implying “literally” that Christ & the rest of His Apostles did not do this (take what’s put in the money box for his personal sustenance – for if they did, then condemning Judas for doing so in these verses would make “no sense”)…

Then what was the money box for? Very likely to “feed the poor of their needs” as they ministered from town to town.. It’s an irony today that the poor (especially widows) are “extorted” with OT verses such as Malachi’s “don’t rob God” (tithes as a rule only in OT Covenant not NT – don’t add to the Word) to “feed pastors” like you (who are just lazy to go for “real work” in the real world). .. And you dare call yourself “called” or “righteous in the Lord”? Please… Don’t blaspheme His Holy Name further.

God’s rule doesn’t change under a Covenant… Only “lies” evolve… If He meant for His ministry for Paul to work with his own hands, the rest goes for all of us. Similarly, if He meant the seventy sent out to take no money (for missionaries too), then He means no money to be received… Why? Only then His Power to provide the food & water for His true pastors or missionaries with “no Mammon” (money’s adulteration) will be shown…as proof of His Calling itself. If these points were “not important” or are trivial, none of the verses or Commands of our Lord would have existed under the NT Covenant – making. .

In short, you serve Mammon while we serve Lord Jesus Christ (literally). Also, your gospel is a mammon-gospel while ours is the mammonless-Gospel. I’ve pointed out your errors. Your blood be upon yourselves if you don’t repent…you only know whether you’re called when you do ministry with “your own money” which you earn with “your own hands” (no mammon) – not by taking a “salary from the church in terms of money or mammon” — the Pharisees have much in common with you guys (Matthew 23)– the Day is approaching. I’m enjoying your “charades”.

I’ll send a copy of this to your pastoral leaders as well.. For their admonition too.

Can Satan tell you not to take “money” (Mammon) for the Work of God? Or does Satan teach the opposite? You decide!

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