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Sadhu Sundar Singh on Hell

Here are some Sadhu Sundar Singh quotes on Hell:

And, conversing with the Archbishop of Canterbury, Sadhu Sundar Singh said: “If I do not see my mother in heaven, I shall ask God to send me to hell so that I may be with her.”

“Should I worship Him from fear of hell, may I be cast into it. Should I serve Him from desire of gaining heaven, may He keep me out. But should I worship Him from love alone, He reveals Himself to me, that my whole heart may be filled with His love and presence.” – Sadhu Sundar Singh

“To follow Christ and bear His cross is so sweet and precious that, if I find no cross to bear in heaven, I shall plead before him to send me as a missionary, if need be to hell.”- Sadhu Sundar Singh

(Question #3) Did the Sadhu think there was eternal punishment? — “There was punishment, but it was not eternal…Everyone after this life would be given a fair chance of making good, and attaining to the measure of fullness the soul was capable of. This might sometimes take ages.” – Sadhu Sundar Singh

Few Christians know that Sundar was not afraid to raise his voice in favor of “universalism.” He could never deny to all non-Christians the possibility of entering heaven.

In 1925 Sundar wrote, “If the Divine spark in the soul cannot be destroyed, then we need despair of no sinner… Since God created men to have fellowship with Himself, they cannot for ever be separated from Him… After long wandering, and by devious paths, sinful man will at last return to Him in whose Image he was created; for this is his final destiny.”


Sundar Singh’s encounter with Christ:

“I returned inside, and the light increased in intensity and took the form of a globe of light above the ground, and in this light there appeared, not the form I expected, but the living Christ whom I had counted as dead.

To all eternity I shall never forget His glorious and Loving Face, nor the few words which He spoke.

‘Why do you persecute Me? See, I have died on the cross for you and for the whole world.’

These words were burned into my heart as by lightning, and I fell on the ground before Him. My heart was filled with inexpressible joy and peace, and my whole life was entirely changed.” (Sundar Singh, as quoted in Thompson, Sadhu Sundar Singh, 18)

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