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Salvation Secrets from Scripture – Is Afterlife Repentance Possible? – the Second Death





“Turn to Me and be SAVED, all the ends of the earth;

For I am God, and there is no other.

“I have sworn by Myself,

The word has gone forth from My mouth in Righteousness

And will not turn back,

That to Me EVERY knee will bow, EVERY tongue will SWEAR ALLEGIANCE.” – God Speaks (in Isaiah 45:22 – 23, NASB)


1) The Beautiful Confession

“For this reason also, God highly exalted Him, and bestowed on Him the Name which is above every name, so that at the Name of Jesus EVERY KNEE WILL BOW, of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and that EVERY TONGUE WILL CONFESS that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD, to the GLORY of GOD THE FATHER.” – apostle Paul (Philippians 2:9 – 11, NASB)

God Promises in His Holy Word that “every knee will not only bow to Him” but also “will swear [allegiance]” toward Him in Isaiah 45:23 which will cause those who do so to be eventually SAVED as Isaiah 45:22 reveals.

If God never forced anyone to ‘bow to Him’ or ‘confess to Him that He is Lord’ on earth, God would NOT force anyone either in the ‘afterlife’ or ‘spirit world’ either as God does NOT change from His Principles.

Furthermore, more details of this SAME Confession is revealed in Philippians 2:9 – 11 (quoted above). Here we find that the BEAUTIFUL CONFESSION that JESUS IS LORD brings GLORY to GOD THE FATHER which means that it ‘cannot be a forced confession but a willing one’ as a forced confession would contradict His NON-Forcing Principle and would NOT bring Glory to Him.

It brings GLORY to GOD the FATHER because that BEAUTIFUL CONFESSION (that “Jesus Christ is Lord”, Philippians 2:9 – 11, Isaiah 45:23) causes the ones WHO CONFESS IT to be SAVED eventually as Isaiah 45:22 reveals.

“Therefore I make known to you that no one speaking by the Spirit of God says, “Jesus is accursed”; and no one can say, “Jesus is Lord,” except by the Holy Spirit.” – apostle Paul (1 Corinthians 12:3, NASB)


Also, NO ONE can say that JESUS IS LORD (“in truth”, as per the occurrence in Philippians 2:9 – 11, Isaiah 45:22 – 23) EXCEPT by His HOLY SPIRIT (1 Corinthians 12:3) proving again that ‘those who confess it’ must eventually BE SAVED. A human being may do a ‘fake confession on earth’ but before God, a ‘fake confession’ is impossible as it would NOT give Glory to God the Father and His Holy Word does NOT record ‘fake things’ (in Philippians 2:9 – 11, Isaiah 45:22 – 23).


Please note that the phrase “under the earth” (in Philippians 2:10) refers to ‘HELL’ (or any afterlife punishment regions) too where this Beautiful Confession will be made by each of its occupants eventually too as Holy Scripture Promises.


Seems impossible? That’s why Lord Jesus Christ will do the IMPOSSIBLE for MEN as it is POSSIBLE for GOD (Matthew 19:26 – which was quoted in the Context of ‘Salvation’ to the question ‘who then can be SAVED?’ in Matthew 19:25).


For further details regarding the Beautiful Confession, please consider the post below (thank you for reading!):


2) Is Salvation Immediate for those who seek to repent in the afterlife or the spirit world?


No one can ‘trick’ God.


“They will say of Me, ‘Only in the LORD are Righteousness and Strength. Men will come to Him, and all who were angry at Him will be put to shame.” (Isaiah 45:24, NASB)


Some may have to be “put to shame first” (afterlife Judgment) as Isaiah 45:24 mentions.


Is there a Biblical Example for anyone ever being SAVED in the AFTERLIFE or SPIRIT WORLD by Lord Jesus Christ?


Yes, to quote: A Biblical Example is evident regarding the “formerly disobedient spirits in prison” from the “Days of Noah” (1 Peter 3:19 – 20) being Preached to and Saved by Christ (implied, 1 Peter 4:6 mentions the “spirit will live to God” = “spirit is Saved”).


Please note that the “spirit” does NOT immediately return to God (as Ecclesiastes mentions). This is clearly seen in the case of the aforementioned “spirits in prison from the days of Noah” who did NOT return to God ‘immediately’ (as erred by some claiming such against 1 Peter 3:19 – 20) and were only able to return to God (that is, “live to God in spirit”, 1 Peter 4:6) after Lord Jesus Christ is Manifested & Descended to Hades.


Apostle Paul mentions this possibility of a “spirit to be saved” in the afterlife in Verses below:


“I have decided to deliver such a one to SATAN for the DESTRUCTION of his FLESH, so that his SPIRIT may be SAVED in the Day of the Lord Jesus.” – apostle Paul (1 Corinthians 5:5, NASB)


Here’s a proper contextual explanation regarding the Verse above based on what is Written only in Holy Scripture:


Apostle Paul was Judging a man for being immoral (1 Corinthians 5:3 – 4) where this man could have repented later (2 Corinthians 2:1 – 11). Please note that when 1 Corinthians 5:5 was Written, apostle Paul did NOT know yet that the ‘man would repent later’.


So, 1 Corinthians 5:5 was Written in the CONTEXT of what would have happened to that immoral-believer (being lawless) in the SPIRIT WORLD (or AFTERLIFE CONTEXT) if he had NOT REPENTED on earth or died in his sins being UNREPENTANT.


So, 1 Corinthians 5:5 reveals a RARE Scriptural Glimpse into the afterlife Mystery regarding JUDGMENT (Hebrews 9:27) where each phrase is explained below:


“I have decided to deliver such a one to SATAN for the DESTRUCTION of his FLESH” = That person goes to HELL and gets PUNISHED accordingly for his sin till the FLESH (Body + Soul which sinned is destroyed spiritually at Gehenna in Hades or Sheol, Matthew 10:28).


“so that his SPIRIT may be SAVED in the Day of the Lord Jesus” = that person’s spirit may be Saved in a Particular Salvation Day (time period – called the Day of Lord Jesus – probably since they will acknowledge Him as “Lord” as per the Beautiful Confession) when Lord Jesus Christ Saves them from HELL itself (be it before or after HADES or HELL is cast into the Lake of Fire even as Revelation 20:14 mentions in the most extreme scenario).


Man is made up of a “body, soul and spirit” (each being distinct though there may be overlaps) as 1 Thessalonians 5:23 reveals this as all three words are mentioned in this same Verse proving distinction. So, as Matthew 10:28 mentions that at most a person’s ‘body + soul’ may be destroyed in the ‘fires of Gehenna’, one’s spirit may still be saved thereafter as 1 Corinthians 5:5 reveals.


If you notice carefully the Biblical example in the past from the Days of Noah, it clearly proves this explanation to be ‘right’. How? 1 Peter 3:18 – 19 mentions the formerly disobedient “spirits in prison” meaning that only their spirit remained where both their body + soul could have been destroyed at most from the age-during fire which they endured during afterlife Judgments in the spirit world.


The Context in 1 Peter 3:18 – 19 is the afterlife for sure as Christ DIED and went there with HIS SPIRIT to PREACH the GOSPEL there. Lord Jesus Christ preaching the Gospel in the spirit world is only possible after His Death as NO ONE CAN CROSS THE CHASM into HADES earlier (Luke 16:26).


Please notice also carefully that the ‘impossibility’ of anyone crossing over into Hades (Luke 16:26) was SOLVED by Lord Jesus Alone Who is NOT bound by ‘any impossibilities’ (as 1 Peter 3:18 – 19) clearly reveals Him CROSSING OVER the CHASM to preach to the “spirits in [afterlife] prison”.


So, truly all things are possible with God only (as even archangel Gabriel declared regarding Lord Jesus Christ, Luke 1:37) and so any ‘other impossibility’ mentioned in the ‘rich man and Lazarus’ story is also NOT applicable to Christ and He can thus SAVE the SPIRIT from these “afterlife prisons” (1 Peter 3:18 – 19) at ANY TIME since He has DIED and RISEN already as He Wills as this Fact is Generalized in 1 Peter 4:5 – 6  where “though they may be judged in the flesh first” (afterlife Judgment) the SAME DEAD (in 1 Peter 4:5 – 6*) will be SAVED in their spirit as the phrase “live to God in spirit” means in 1 Peter 4:6 agreeing to the “spirit being saved” (in the afterlife context) as aforementioned above in 1 Corinthians 5:5.


*The dead in  Peter 4:6 is NOT spiritually dead but “the dead” (as contrasted against the living in 1 Peter 4:5). The spiritually dead part is explained below:


1 Peter 4:1 – 3 —> context is referring to “you” the ‘believer’ to be NOT spiritually dead in sins.


1 Peter 4:4 —> context mentions regarding those unbelievers who are surprised that you (‘believers’) do NOT do their sins anymore.


1 Peter 4:5 —> Apostle Peter mentions that the unbelievers who malign you have to give an account (be answerable in Judgment) toward Christ Who is ready to Judge the LIVING and the DEAD (referring to the Great White Throne of Judgment, Revelation 20:11 – 15, Matthew 25:31).


1 Peter 4:6 —> Apostle Peter further explains regarding the DEAD only that though these may be Judged in the Flesh (the flesh here = resurrected natural-perishable body  of some type, 1 Corinthians 15:44 for Judgment, hence the wicked are still called the dead before His Throne in Revelation 20:11 – 15) —> they may “live in the spirit” (their spirit being Saved, 1 Corinthians 5:5) to God eventually post-Judgment as 1 Peter 4:6 concludes.


In this way, the Wicked DIE TWICE (the first time in their earthly life prior and the second time in the Lake of Fire with their perishable body resurrected for Judgment, John 5:29, 1 Corinthians 15:44)   —> where after this SECOND DEATH (where at most body + soul is destroyed, as the fire of Gehenna in Hades is mingled in the Lake of Fire now, Revelation 20:14 with Matthew 10:28, 1 Peter 4:5) —> “their spirit may be saved” in the Day of Lord Jesus thereafter (1 Corinthians 5:5), i.e. “live to God in spirit” (1 Peter 4:6) —> as the Hope of the Resurrection toward the WICKED too is mentioned in Acts 24:15 to be RAISED Imperishable without sin thereafter to be “made ALIVE in CHRIST” (1 Corinthians 15:22) in the Resurrection of the Dead (1 Corinthians 15:21).


Please note that the common fallacy of saying that the ‘wicked are raised imperishable in a sinful body to be tormented eternally CONTRADICTS all these Verses’.


In fact,  in Greek, the word PERISHABLE means to be able to be tainted with sin while its opposite, IMPERISHABLE means it CANNOT be tainted with sin anymore (as 1 Corinthians 15:50) mentions with regards to the RESURRECTION of THE DEAD (1 Corinthians 15:42) which applies to ALL MEN eventually  (1 Corinthians 15:49, 1 Corinthians 15:22) including the WICKED too (Acts 24:15).


The Greek word translated as PERISHABLE (“phthora”) occurs in 1 Corinthians 15:42, 1 Corinthians 15:50 and that it refers to be able to be ‘tainted or affected by sin’ is clearly mentioned in another occurence in 2 Peter 2:12. So,  the opposite “imperishable” as it is contrasted by the usage of the Greek word (“aphtharsian”) in 1 Corinthians 15:50 must refer to ‘sinlessness only’.  Likewise, from this same root word we have the Greek word “aphtharsia” in 1 Corinthians 15:42 describing SINLESSNESS in THE RESURRECTION of THE DEAD in 1 Corinthians 15:42 which certainly includes the WICKED too (1 Corinthians 15:49, 1 Corinthians 15:22, Acts 24:15). Can you see how Biblical usage alone defines its meaning as it is Written?


This means that the WICKED being RESURRECTED in an IMPERISHABLE SPIRITUAL BODY (1 Corinthians 15:42, 50, 44) eventually Post-Judgment when His Mercy Triumphs and ends any afterlife Judgment sentence be it the ‘eternal Hell’ sentence if they  deserve it first (James 2:13) causes them to be MADE ALIVE (1 Corinthians 15:22) in an IMPERISHABLE SINLESS SPIRITUAL  BODY eventually (Acts 24:15, 1 Corinthians 15:49).


The wicked will be RESURRECTED to a JUDGMENT in a PERISHABLE NATURAL BODY (1 Corinthians 15:44) of some type first (John 5:28 – 29) during the Second Resurrection before the Great White Throne for Judgment (1 Peter 4:5, Revelation 20:11 – 15, Matthew 25:31). Please note that both 1 Peter 4:5 and Revelation 20:11 – 15 mention that ONLY THE DEAD are JUDGED where THE DEAD here refers to the RESURRECTED WICKED who are raised for JUDGMENT in the Lake of Fire (John 5:29).


So 1 Peter 4:5 and Revelation 20:11 – 15 calls the RESURRECTED WICKED as THE DEAD meaning that these WICKED are NOT RAISED IMPERISHABLE first but in a NATURAL PERISHABLE BODY first (1 Corinthians 15:44) for JUDGMENT (John 5:29) in the Lake of Fire (Revelation 20:15) and it doesn’t end there as Post this being JUDGED first in the FLESH (in the Lake of Fire) they will eventually have at most their body + soul being destroyed (Matthew 10:28, Matthew 18:8) in this Gehenna Fire (from  Hades/Sheol, Revelation 20:14, Luke 16:23) which is existent within the Lake of Fire at this time (Revelation 20:14, Luke 12:49, Matthew 25:41) but “their spirit” (as man is made up of body + soul + spirit distinctly too,  1 Thessalonians 5:23) will live to God after this Lake of Fire Judgment (1 Peter 4:5) as the next (consecutive Verse) Describes in 1 Peter 4:6 as it is Written agreeing to all this.


The “spirits in prison” to whom Christ Preached in the ‘spirit world’ (1 Peter 3:18 – 20)  also Proves that at most (body + soul may be destroyed in Hell or afterlife punishments, Matthew 10:28, 1 Thessalonians 5:23) but the “spirit” remains and eventually “lives to God” post Lake of Fire  Judgment (1 Peter 4:5) as 1 Peter 4:6 beautifully Describes or it could be Reconciled by Christ as 1 Peter 3:18 – 20 Describes anytime earlier.


Indeed,  the visions of Hell by Sadhu Sundar Singh agrees perfectly to all this as 1 Peter 3:19 – 20 describes Christ Saving from afterlife Judgment regions (“Hell”) at any time (implied as if He has Done it Once,  He does it again as He Wills) while 1 Peter 4:5 – 6 describes the wicked living to God in their “spirit” post Lake of Fire Judgment. 1 Peter 4:5 refers to the Great White Throne of Judgment because only here Christ Judges both the living and THE DEAD from among ALL MEN on JUDGMENT DAY (Revelation 20:11 – 15, Matthew 25:31, Acts 17:31).


Yes,  some wicked could be Saved earlier in “their spirit” (after their body + soul is destroyed in afterlife Judgment Fire,  Matthew 10:28, Luke 16:23) as 1 Peter 3:18 – 20 mentions while others after the Great White Throne Judgment towards them first in the Lake of Fire  (1 Peter 4:5) “living to God thereafter in the spirit” as 1 Peter 4:6 reveals where these spirit may be given a “spiritual body” thereafter (1 Corinthians 15:44) of a lower degree as God Wills (1 Corinthians 15:38) which will be IMPERISHABLE or SINLESS too (1 Corinthians 15:42, 49, 50).


ALL Creation awaits to share in this aspect of FREEDOM from SIN and its EFFECTS (being IMPERISHABLE or SINLESS too eventually) after the “sons of God” (for the First Resurrection, His Church, Bride is Revealed first –  Revelation 20:4 – 6, Romans 8:19) as Romans 8:20 – 21 describes this as the meaning of being BORN AGAIN (as the Greek Word in Romans 8:22 refers to ‘birth pangs’ and mentions this Glorious Hope toward ALL CREATION) as well.


Maranatha!  Even so come, Lord Jesus.


3) Does 1 Peter 4:5 – 6 refer to afterlife Salvation now or post-Lake of Fire Judgment?


Accurately, 1 Peter 4:5 – 6 points to the “spirit living to God” post Lake of Fire Judgment as 1 Peter 4:5 sets the context of the Great White Throne where all men are Judged (the living and the dead) linking 1 Peter 4:5 – 6 to Revelation 20:11 – 15 for this Biblical Deduction.


However, 1 Peter 3:18 – 19 points to afterlife Salvation being possible even now at ANY TIME by Lord Jesus Christ as He Wills since He has both DIED and RESURRECTED.


Just like the “spirits in [afterlife] prisons” (1 Peter 3:18 – 19) got to hear the Gospel and thus may be saved (if they believe), likewise Lord Jesus Christ being Impartial does the Same all the time as the Credible Visions of Hell by Sadhu Sundar Singh (a Christian Universalist) seems to point to as well in posts below (with proof from his earliest and first autobiographies by men who knew him personally and who were closest to him):


How about credible Visions of Hell from a recent time?


Example: Sadhu Sundar Singh’s Visions of Heaven and Hells (plural – refers to the many afterlife punishment regions) agrees to all this (for example: he mentioned that ‘hindu saints’ have accepted Him as Lord and Saviour in the afterlife – afterlife repentance, an example of sheepfold2 as claimed).


Please don’t forget that the infamous eternal hell preacher, brother DGS Dhinakaran wrote that he saw Sadhu Sundar Singh (the Christian Universalist) in heaven too. Can you see it?


4) Is this a private interpretation or did any of the earliest well known authority in Greek and Scripture from the church itself testify to this Great Mystery regarding Lord Jesus Christ Saving from HELL in the afterlife (or spirit world) itself?


(i) Is this a Scriptural Exegesis found in a rarely known Christian Orthodox Tradition?


Example: ‘Let Scripture interpret Scripture’ – Clement of Alexandria (150 – 215)


I am well aware that it is common for your theologians to claim that Clement of Alexandria who taught Universal Reconciliation & is a MAJOR authority in GREEK and DOCTRINE (for example, as per the quote below) —> who is highly regarded by the ‘father of Church history himself’ (Bishop Eusebius of Caesarea) infamous his Book, Ecclesiastical History as he mentions to have been deposited the ‘ancestral apostolic seeds’ —> who is unfairly said to be a ‘heretic’ by ‘your modern theologians’ (can you see it?).


Here are two of Clement of Alexandria’s Superb Quote agreeing to all this:


“So He saves all; but some He converts by penalties, others who follow Him of their own will, and in accordance with the worthiness of His honor, that every knee may be bent to Him of celestial, terrestrial and infernal things (Phil. 2:10), that is angels, men, and souls who before His advent migrated from this mortal life.”


“For there are partial corrections (padeiai) which are called chastisements (kolasis), which many of us who have been in transgression incur by falling away from the Lord’s people. But as children are chastised by their teacher, or their father, so are we by Providence. But God does not punish (timoria) for punishment (timoria) is retaliation for evil. He chastises, however, for good to those who are chastised collectively and individually.” (Strom, VII, ii; Pedag. I, 8; on I John ii, 2)


More details in link below:


(ii) Is this belief found in Church History?


Regarding integrity sir, this is believed by the following authorities in Doctrine, to quote:



Fourth-century Christian theologian and Bishop Diodorus of Tarsus wrote: “For the wicked there are punishments, not perpetual, however, lest the immortality prepared for them should be a disadvantage, but they are to be purified for a brief period according to the amount of malice in their works. They shall therefore suffer punishment for a short space, but immortal blessedness having no end awaits them…the penalties to be inflicted for their many and grave sins are very far surpassed by the magnitude of the mercy to be shown to them.”



Here’s more from church History:


Here are more quotes from church history agreeing to all this:


5) Some FAQ Regarding Gehenna which is commonly translated as HELL in the Bible


Firstly, here’s a revealing post regarding Gehenna (at link below):


(i) Was Hell as both a place of Punishment and being Reformative as a Correction toward a sinner (i.e. being Purgatorial and Redemptive too) taught by early church authorities in doctrine?


Purgatorial Universalism was the belief of some of the early church fathers such as Clement of Alexandria, Origen, and Gregory of Nyssa. It asserts that the unsaved will undergo hell, but that hell is remedial (neither everlasting nor purely retributive) according to key scriptures and that after purification or conversion all will enter Heaven.




(ii) Who are “the dead” in 1 Peter 4:6?


The dead in 1 Peter 4:6 is the same dead in 1 Peter 4:5.


The Gospel is preached to them as 1 Peter 3:18 – 19 described Christ doing it in the afterlife even NOW and apostle Peter generalizes it in 1 Peter 4:5 – 6 even for the LAKE OF FIRE Judgment before His Great White Throne (as 1 Peter 4:5 points to the context of referring to Christ’s Judgment toward both “the living and the dead” which is the SAME FINAL JUDGMENT as it is described also in Matthew 25:31 and Revelation 20:11 – 12 linking these Verses together to UNDERSTAND this Great Mystery with VERSES ONLY here).


This proves afterlife prisons or regions of punishments being existent as the rich man and Lazarus story mentions too.


Quoting that hell was not mentioned much at all in the Old Testament doesn’t prove anything since Sheol was meant to be hidden (“unseen”) and hence it just proves that it’s only revealed more after Christ is revealed. Also, the spirits in prison were there from the Days of Noah (1 Peter 3:18 – 19) proving that such afterlife regions of punishment (“prison”) existed from the time of Noah itself agreeing to all this.


(iii) How about other types of Christian Universalism?


I know sir that there are ‘other Universalism’. I just follow that one as it is mentioned prior as “purgatorial hell” (if I actually have to label myself – lol)  as it is the case even in more recent times with Sadhu Sundar Singh too apart from those Saints aforementioned.


(iv) Why didn’t apostle Paul mention Hell at all as an afterlife punishment region?


As I said before, Hell was never revealed in Old Testament much being hidden but it is Spoken of by Lord Jesus Christ.


Also, apostle Paul focused on the end results which is Universal Salvation skipping the afterlife Judgment part. That’s why his epistles doesn’t mention Hell.


He mentions age-during destruction in 2 Thessalonians 1:9 implying that he knows of afterlife Punishments.


(v) How about Gehenna from Jewish Writings in Judaism?


An Example from history:




If Gehenna is Hell,  why didn’t God reveal it in an obvious manner in the Old Testament itself as He reveals His secrets to His prophets first,  right? (as Amos 3:7 mentions)




Well, He revealed it as Sheol. Gehenna is a region in Sheol.


1) Gehenna Revealed as a Metaphor (or analogy)  as an afterlife punishment region in Old Testament times


Example – the Targums


The ancient Aramaic paraphrase-translations of the Hebrew Bible known as Targums supply the term “Gehinnom” frequently to verses touching upon resurrection, judgment, and the fate of the wicked. This may also include addition of the phrase “second death”, as in the final chapter of the Book of Isaiah, where the Hebrew version does not mention either Gehinnom or the Second Death, whereas the Targums add both. In this the Targums are parallel to the Gospel of Mark addition of “Gehenna” to the quotation of the Isaiah verses describing the corpses “where their worm does not die”.[20]


Example – Rabbinical Judaism


The picture of Gehenna as the place of punishment or destruction of the wicked occurs frequently in the Mishnah in Kiddushin 4.14, Avot 1.5; 5.19, 20, Tosefta t. Bereshith 6.15, and Babylonian Talmud b.Rosh Hashanah 16b:7a; b. Bereshith 28b. Gehenna is considered a Purgatory-like place where the wicked go to suffer until they have atoned for their sins. It is stated that the maximum amount of time a sinner can spend in Gehenna is one year. There are also four people who do not get a share in Olam Ha-Ba.[21] Those people are Doeg the Edomite, Ahitophel, Balaam, and Gehazi.




(vi) If their concept of Gehenna is wrong, Christ wouldn’t have mentioned it.


But does it mean that Rabbinical Judaism got the facts regarding Gehenna right?


The Rabbinical writings contain some truth but they missed some part of it.


That’s why when Lord Jesus Christ spoke of Gehenna, He is referring to what they know but corrected their understanding of it and revealed more details as it is Written in New Testament verses.


Some ‘secrets’ regarding Gehenna in the Context of Universal Reconciliation in Christ (Colossians 1:16, Colossians 1:20) may only be known through His Prophets (or Saints) as Amos 3:7 mentions in New Testament times (Colossians 1:26). Yes, the secrets revealed in New Testament times includes the fact that the ‘Gentiles are co-heirs in Christ’ (Colossians 1:27) and that God Will Reconcile All Created things (Colossians 1:16) back to Himself too eventually (Colossians 1:20) as the Context of Consecutive Verses in Colossians implies irrefutably as it is Written Majestically in Holy Scripture as well.




Even if there is one Verse mentioning a Mystery of the Gospel, it is to be taken seriously by true believers for a wholesome edification. For example, there was hardly any Verse in the Old Testament proving that God had a Son directly or that God was Going to be Manifested in the Flesh as Lord Jesus Christ from the Old Testament though these are MOST IMPORTANT DOCTRINES in Christianity.


Similarly, even the existence of a Verse or two which ‘directly’ implies or describes Lord Jesus Christ Saving from Hell is to be taken seriously as well and it may be VERY IMPORTANT too as a doctrine likewise (e.g. the Lord Commands through apostle Paul,for us to Teach the Doctrine of God Saving.ALL MEN, 1 Timothy 4:10 but believers are more special in 1 Timothy 4:11). Can you see it?


Here it is:


“For therefore we both labour and suffer reproach, because we trust in the living God, who is the SAVIOUR of ALL MEN, specially of those that believe. These things COMMAND and TEACH.” – apostle Paul (1 Timothy 4:10 – 11, KJV)


Based on the Verse above which was directed to Timothy (the evangelist, 2 Timothy 4:5) which means it applies to ALL CHURCHES (Context of Evangelist) —> How many Churches are Truly Fulfilling this particular Command to teach God as SAVIOUR of ALL MEN through their evangelists too?


Here are some related posts to these Verses for edification:




“Who will have* ALL MEN to be SAVED, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.” – apostle Paul (1 Timothy 2:4, KJV)


*The Greek here is the Verb “will have” and NOT the noun “God’s Will” and the KJV Translation is very accurate here in 1 Timothy 2:4.


Isn’t God eventually SAVING ALL MEN amazingly obvious in Verse above? (which proves that His Salvation is implied into the afterlife or spirit world context too to be Fulfilled regardless as God’s Will CANNOT Fail when it is Done by Him, in Lord Jesus Christ without any human intervention as Salvation is His Work Alone). He Will Succeed whether ‘we believe it or not’ as the Verses below imply ‘as it is Written’:


“So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth; It will not return to Me empty, Without accomplishing what I desire, And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.” – God (Isaiah  55:11, NASB)


“For what if some did not believe? shall their unbelief make the Faith of God without effect? God forbid: yea, let God be true, but EVERY MAN a LIAR; as it is written, That Thou [God] mightest be justified in Thy Sayings, and mightest overcome when Thou [God] art judged.” (Romans 3:3 – 4, KJV)


This is the Unchangeable Truth:


“If we believe not, yet He [Lord Jesus Christ] abideth Faithful: He cannot deny Himself.” (2 Timothy 2:13, KJV)


P/S: Here are other posts discussing many of the related aspects in regards to this Mystery of the Gospel:


1) Sheep – those who believe only? Yes.


Sheepfold1 = those who believe without seeing or before seeing Him (having “faith” in Lord Jesus Christ, John 5:24).


Sheepfold2 = those who believe AFTER seeing Him (in the afterlife too, inclusive) as John 6:40 and John 3:14 – 15 reveals this rarely known Mystery.


More details in posts below:


2) How about being Saved by the Faith of Lord Jesus Christ only without any works?


The Faith of Lord Jesus Christ Alone (Romans 3:22) Saves us which is NOT ‘our faith in Christ’ as the phrase “not of yourselves” in Ephesians 2:8 means this. Our faith in Christ leads to justification unto rewards (James 2:24, James 2:18, James 2:20) and NOT Salvation for by our works, we cannot be saved (Titus 3:5, Romans 3:20, Romans 3:28, Ephesians 2:9, Acts 13:39).


3) How about all created things?


This Beautiful Truth of some being Saved from the Lake of Fire itself is Beautifully Prophesied in Verse below where both His Spirit (God) and His Bride (“believers”, Church) call out to “thirsty ones from the Lake of Fire (implied)” to partake of the “Water of Life” freely:


“The Spirit and the bride say, “Come.” And let the one who hears say, “Come.” And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who wishes take the water of life without cost.” (Revelation 22:17, NASB)


More details in posts below:


4) How about being Born Again? Does it apply to all creation eventually?


Yes. Explanation:


More details in post below:


5) How about Judgment, Resurrection and the Tree of Life Mystery in light of all this?


Example: Yes,  the Pharisees (Matthew 21:23 – 31) may go to Hell (or Gehenna first, Matthew 23:33 for afterlife punishment, Matthew 10:28) but will eventually “ENTER His Kingdom” too but ‘in a later time order than prostitutes & other sinners’ (Matthew 21:31) as ‘their Judgment Sentence is longer as some of them have committed the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit which is not forgiven till the coming next singular-age’ (Matthew 12:32).


Indeed,  these who ‘broke His Commands’   may “enter” His Kingdom into His Reign of the Heavens eventually (after Mercy Triumphs and ends their afterlife Judgment sentence, James 2:13, Romans 11:32) to become “least” in His Kingdom (Matthew 5:19) but they do NOT “inherit” the Kingdom (1 Corinthians 6:9 – 10) to Rule ‘as kings and priests’ (Revelation 1:6, Revelation 5:10, 1 Peter 2:9)  which is only for ‘believers in faith as sons of God being some kind of Firstfruit among His Creation’ (Romans 8:19, 23, James 1:18, Revelation 20:6). Link:


6) Does God Love everyone?


Yes. Explanation is in post below:


7) Can God SAVE the WORLD by HIS LOVE (Agape)?


Yes! His “Agape” is Lord Jesus Christ as explained in post below (He knows NO Failure and when He Does His Will by Himself, it Will certainly come to pass, no doubts!):


How does God doesn’t change?


“Once God Loves, He always Loves;” – Unknown


Since God Loved all creation in the World (John 3:16, 1 Timothy 1:15, 1 John 2:2), He cannot Stop Loving All Creation in the World till He Saves the World (1 John 4:14) causing Sin (corruption, decay) to cease to exist (Romans 8:20 – 21) when All Creation becomes BORN AGAIN (Romans 8:22) and He becomes ALL in ALL [Creation, 1 Corinthians 15:28].




Rest of Creation will share in this Freedom or Liberty from ‘Sin and its Effects’ (Romans 8:20 – 21), yes ALL Creation too (Romans 8:22) when His Ransom for ALL [Creation] applies in its OWN TIMES (1 Timothy 2:6) taking away ALL Sin of the World (1 John 2:2) eventually till SIN CEASES to EXIST (John 1:29) and God becomes ALL in ALL [Creation, 1 Corinthians 15:28] in the ‘Dispensation of Fullness of Times’ (Ephesians 1:9 – 10) which is understood as the Ends of the AGES (Hebrews 11:3, Ephesians 2:7).


The Fact that His “Full and Perfect Atonement” extends to the “Whole World” (1 John 2:2) and not “us” (believers only, e. g. ALL men in 1 Timothy 4:10) is clear from Holy Scripture as “ALL Created things” (Visible vs Invisible etc. Includes the Lake of Fire or Gehenna too, definition: Colossians 1:16) will be “Reconciled” back to Him (Colossians 1:20) in its “Own Divine-Kairois Times-plural” (1 Timothy 2:6) and this is what is meant as “God Reconciling the WORLD (Kosmos) back to Himself” (2 Corinthians 5:19) as the “Mystery or Secret of His Will” (Ephesians 1:9 – 10) till God becomes “ALL in All [Creation]” (1 Corinthians 15:28, Romans 8:20 – 22) in the “dispensation of Fullness of the Times” (Ephesians 1:10).


The Same Greek Word KOSMOS (or “World”) occurs in these Verses too which Reveal Deeper Mysteries Regarding His Gospel applying the Healing & Restoration Word toward ALL CREATION eventually.


Yes the apostles are sent into all the WORLD:


“As You sent Me into the world, I also have sent them into the world.” – Lord Jesus Christ (John 17:18, NASB)


Yes, way ‘beyond a missionary work in this temporal life but into the afterlife as well’ (the first occurrence of this is and NOT the only occurrence of this is recorded in 1 Peter 3:19 – 20 and is generalized for ALL THE DEAD likewise as PART of the AFTERLIFE JUDGMENT Process, 1 Peter 4:5 —> to hear the GOSPEL too but thereafter LIVE TO GOD IN SPIRIT eventually as 1 Peter 4:6 Reveals Majestically) —> beyond that, till the Healing Word of His GOSPEL is PREACHED and applies to ALL CREATION as well making it to be BORN AGAIN (Romans 8:22) by sharing the Liberty of the Sons of God in the area of being SET FREE FROM SIN & ITS EFFECTS eventually (Romans 8:20 – 21, e.g.regarding men for example —> the Law-breakers enter His Kingdom, Matthew 5:19, Matthew 21:31 but do NOT inherit it, 1 Corinthians 6:9 – 10) as the ‘Great Commission in All Inclusiveness’ is BEYOND MISSIONARY WORK in this LIFE ONLY as Popularly Erred (thinking ‘otherwise’ AGAINST all these Verses):


“And He said to them, “Go into all the WORLD and PREACH the GOSPEL to ALL CREATION.” – Lord Jesus Christ (Mark 16:15, NASB)


Peace to you!


HalleluYah to the Blessed Creator of all things, Lord Jesus Christ Who is Reconciling the World back to Himself (2 Corinthians 5:19 – the present tense or past tense in Scripture must be understood correctly as sometimes it is Written from an accomplished sense  PROPHETICALLY as it is in this Verse though for example Christians [a special subset] are yet to be saved as some are not born yet)!


Truly, “God is Love!” (1 John 4:8)






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