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Seeking true love?

Secret of True Love

You cannot truly love while hating at the same time.

In other words, many are deceived into believing that they can find true love by ‘loving one special person’ (be it a husband/wife, father/mother etc) but also ‘hating’ others (such as their enemies).


True Love which stems from God alone does “not” abide in any heart which willingly practices the “duality of love-hate” in a selective manner as described above.

Because the True Love of God Loves us unconditionally without any “selection” (discrimination) and thus to practice such a level of truth in our loves, we ought to do the same.

Remember, anyone who hates another (even his enemies) for whatever reason “walk in darkness” (remain blind too) and “know not where they go” having “no light in them” as the verse below states “literally” too:

and he who is hating his brother, in the darkness he is, and in the darkness he doth walk, and he hath not known whither he doth go, because the darkness did blind his eyes.” (1 John 2:11)

God does “not” live in “hating hearts” but He Loves them regardless.

If you want true love in eros (man-woman love) or even in philos (a friend’s love) the principle above cannot be violated. Therefore, you may seek after a person with “much light of love” toward ‘all’ including his/her enemies.

All other “loves” are as “fake” as the degree of “hate” they come together with (as a package).

Secret of True Love = Unconditional Love, where God’s Love (Agape) alone is Perfect in fulfilling this toward all creation exhibited in Christ Jesus, our Most Loving Lord and Saviour.

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