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Sheepfold2 – What Happens to Good non-Christians?



“I will open My Mouth in a parable; I will utter dark sayings of old,” – God Speaks (in Psalm 78:2, NASB)


Answer: They will be Saved after enduring their time of Judgment (Hebrews 9:27, Galatians 6:7) accordingly for their ‘sins’.


When I mention ‘good’, it’s meant as ‘relatively good’ (with respect to human beings) and NOT in the ‘Absolute Sense’ in which ‘God Alone is Good’ (Mark 10:18).


Sadhu Sundar Singh’s explanation in his vision regarding the “soul” of a ‘non-Christian philosopher upon death’ agrees with Purgatorial Hell Universalism, to quote:




The soul of a German philosopher entered into the world of spirits and saw from afar the incomparable glory of the spiritual world, and the boundless happiness of its people.


He was delighted with what he saw, but his stubborn intellectualism stood in the way of his entering into it, and enjoying its happiness.


Instead of admitting that it was real, he argued thus with himself, “There is no doubt at all that I see all this, but what proof is there that it has objective existence, and is not some illusion conjured up by my mind?


From end to end of all this scene I will apply the tests of logic, philosophy and science, and then only will I be convinced that it has a reality of its own, and is no illusion.”


Then the angels answered him, “It is evident from your speech that your intellectualism has warped your whole nature, for as spiritual, and not bodily, eyes are needed to see the spiritual world, so spiritual understanding is necessary to comprehend its reality, and not mental exercises in the fundamentals of logic and philosophy.


Your science that deals with material facts has been left behind with your physical skull and brain in the World. Here, only that spiritual wisdom is of use which arises out of the fear and love of God.”

Then said one of the angels to another, “What a pity it is that people forget that precious word of our Lord, ‘Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall in no wise enter into the Kingdom of Heaven’ (Matt. 18:3).


I asked one of the angels what the end of this man would be, and he replied “If this man’s life had been altogether bad, then he would at once have joined the spirits of darkness, but he is not without a moral sense, so for a very long time he will wander blindly round in the dim light of the lower parts of the intermediate state, and keep on bumping his philosophical head, until tired of his foolishness, he repents.


Then he will be ready to receive the necessary instruction from the angels appointed for that purpose, and, when instructed, will he be fit to enter into the fuller light of God in the higher sphere.”


In one sense the whole of infinite space, filled as it is with the presence of God, who is Spirit, is a spiritual world. In another sense, the World also is a spiritual world, for its inhabitants are spirits clothed with human bodies. But there is yet another world of spirits after they leave the body at death.


This is an intermediate state — a state between the glory and light of the highest heavens, and the dimness and darkness of the lowest hells. In it are innumerable planes of existence, and the soul is conducted to that plane for which its progress in the World has fitted it. There, angels especially appointed to this work, instruct it for a time, that may be long or short, before it goes on to join the society of those spirits — good spirits in the greater light, or evil spirits in the greater darkness — that are like in nature and in mind to itself.”


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This Vision agrees with the “40 apostles and teachers being sent into the spirit world to preach & convert the morally acceptable non-Christian dead” as even the AuthoritativeShepherd of Hermas Visions itself echoes from FIRST CHRISTIANITY‘.



Who are the Sheepfold2?


To quote (from pages 151 – 152 of the ‘Lost Orthodoxy Book’):


The phrase “for they fell asleep in righteousness and in great purity. Only they had not this seal” together with the phrase “came to the full knowledge of the name of the Son of God” with the phrase “others that had fallen asleep before them went down dead and came up alive” ——> with the phrase “to rise up through water, that they might be made alive; for otherwise they could not enter into the kingdom of God, except they had put aside the deadness of their *former+ life” —> seem to point to “the Sheepfold2” (John 10:16) which refers to the “righteous in good works (e. g. John 5:28 – 29, Daniel 12:2) who died without believing in Christ” but believed in Him ‘after seeing Him, John 6:40 (in the afterlife too)’.


More Information regarding the ‘Shepherd of Hermas’ Book and Its Authority is discussed in Pages 149 – 167.


Regarding the ‘Gospel being Preached to some of the dead souls in the spirit world upon death’ (as God Alone determines that by His Mercy toward such ‘morally acceptable non-Christians’) is discussed in Pages 168 – 186 in the ‘Lost Orthodoxy Book’.


Yes, don’t worry as ‘no one can trick God’. God Determines everything Perfectly and Justly.


Peace to you


Now ‘you know this HOPE of the GOSPEL too’.


Let’s be Grateful to Lord Jesus Christ for His Salvation toward them too!


Thank You God & HalleluYah!











P/S: What is meant by Sheepfold in John 10:14 and John 10:16?


To quote (from Page 234 from ‘Lost Orthodoxy Book’):


Please note carefully that “two sheep folds or sheep pens” are referred to by Lord Jesus Christ in John 10:14 and John 10:16. The Greek Word “Aules” (meaning “pen” or “fold” or “house” or “courtyard” for the sheep) refers to its dwelling place and NOT the sheep itself.


Can you see it?


The popular fallacy of claiming that the “two sheep folds” (John 10:16) refers to “Jewish vs Gentile sheep” is flawed because if true, it means that “Jewish sheep go to a different sheep pen or sheep house than the Gentile sheep” —-> meaning that Jewish and Gentile sheep go to different places in the heavens with their souls after they die plainly contradicting Galatians 3:28 and Ephesians 3:6 in that there is NO AFTERLIFE Distinction between Jewish and Gentile sheep when they die.


Please note that when Lord Jesus Christ meant “sheep fold or sheep pen” (John 10:16), He is referring to the “dwelling place” (or “Home” or “House”) of the sheep meaning that it refers to their AFTERLIFE DWELLING PLACES (John 14:2 – 3) and NOT an earthly sheep fold/pen/house in any way because we are ‘strangers and pilgrims on earth’ having only a HEAVENLY HOME (Hebrews 11:13 – 16).


So, if the sheep are separated into two types based on their AFTERLIFE DWELLING PLACES or “sheep pen/fold/house” —–> then “Sheepfold1” vs “Sheepfold2” go to a ‘higher vs lower’ blessed afterlife regions (different houses – area) in the AFTERLIFE —-> where Sheepfold1 (John 10:14) KNOW Him (hence any believer in the Faith of Jesus Christ, be it Jew or Gentile, 1 Thessalonians 4:14 – 17) while Sheepfold2 (John 10:16) do NOT know Him until they are brought in by Lord Jesus Christ (i. e. Saved in the afterlife, John 3:14 – 15) and only recognize Him after SEEING Him there as their Saviour (John 6:40) being brought into their respective “sheep fold/pen/house” respectively as John 10:16 clearly means.



Lord Jesus Christ makes these two sheep folds into one on Judgment Day (Revelation 20:11 – 15) as both sheep inherit age-during life but His Bride (Sheepfold1) is always ‘higher’ having lived 1000 years earlier too (Revelation 20:4 – 6).



Sheepfold1 inherits age-during life in AGE1 itself in their RESURRECTED FLESH (as promised “in this time (or last day during the 1000 years Millennial Reign itself – Revelation 20:4 – 6, of this current AGE1)” in Luke 18:30, Mark 10:30) and in the “age to come too (AGE2)” (Luke 18:30, Mark 10:30 – post Judgment Day) while Sheepfold2 only obtains age-during life post Judgment Day (Matthew 25:46) into life in a RESURRECTED BODY or FLESH in AGE2 onwards.


Scripture’s Depth and Accuracy is incredible if we take each Verse and phrases contained therein to mean details as we just discussed above.


Please also note that in Matthew 25:31 – 46, some of the righteous are “genuinely surprised” that the Lord considers them having done Good to His Brethren which proves that these must be Sheepfold2 and not Sheepfold1 especially since no Christian would be surprised by it (KNOWING the Lord and His Words).




“That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, saying, I will open My Mouth in parables; I will utter things which have been kept SECRET from the foundation of the World.” (Matthew 13:35, KJV)













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P/S 2: A Common Objection


If so, why should I believe in Christ now?


Please refer to Page 492 in the ‘Lost Orthodoxy Book’ for an explanation. Thank you.

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