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Sin – Who is Responsible for Sin?






Didn’t God Create Evil and hence is Responsible for it?








When God Created Evil (Isaiah 45:7), it was in the ‘knowledge form in a fruit’ and did not force it upon Adam & Eve but warned them not to eat of it.



God doesn’t Change. So, the Way Evil came into mankind itself proves that we really choose to do evil by our own will despite having the will to do Good too (1 Corinthians 10:13).



Hence we are responsible for our own evil acts. Yes, God knows that we will fall in sin but He never influenced our fall to sin at all (James 1:13).




If Sin is the wound,
then Repentance is a medicine,
but Christ is the Cure.












Judgment – Is it Real?




I believe in Universal Reconciliation with Inclusiveness without any Afterlife Judgment for anybody.




Inclusiveness is not absent from the Judgment-part.


Yes, some endure afterlife Judgments first while others not as God Decides each case justly.


Sin is real and afterlife Judgment is one only receiving or experiencing the pain/evil one caused on others accordingly only (Isaiah 3:11, Galatians 6:7).


There is nothing difficult or hard to understand about the Judgment-part.


If one does not want to endure any Judgment, one just has to not do any evil toward another as the will of man is given to choose that.


Indeed, ‘judge not and you will not be judged’.


In each case, God has the Final Say whether to Save without Judgement (John 5:24) or post afterlife Judgment with Mercy Triumphing and ending it thereafter (James 2:13).




Question 2


Didn’t God Wire us with impulses to sin?



Reply 2


The equal impulses to resist sin and do good is given relative to each person (1 Corinthians 10:13).


So, we are judged for our own sins accordingly (James 1:13).


P/S 2:


Question 3


But there’s no way to demonstrate that Bible Verses are God’s Words. Also, Verses are just words on a paper.


Reply 3


There’s no way to demonstrate that ‘your own words are God’s Words’. Verses are God’s Word whether you believe it or not.


Your own words are meaningless when it’s not backed with Verses.


Please look around you. Nothing goes by our own logic.


That’s how worthless our opinions without Verses are.


You will realize that too at most, after you die.


P/S 4:


Judgment- Can it be Forever?




Question 4


Can afterlife Judgment Sentences last Forever or to the age/ages accordingly as per the Original Biblical New Testament Koine Greek/Old Testament Hebrew?


Reply 4


The Judgment-part is not forever as fallaciously translated against the literal meaning of Holy Scripture by claiming the “man – made idiom excuse”. Can you “see” it?


The “idiom excuse” is the “man-made doctrine” as God never Created the ‘idiomatic speech’ in ‘Factual Statements’.


For example: Judgment cannot last forever as Mercy will triumph over it (James 2:13) and that Mercy is Promised to “All” eventually (Romans 11:32), yes the “All” referring to both the “obedient and the disobedient too” as the Context of Consecutive Verses Reveals in Romans 11:29 – 31 too.


Peace to you


P/S 5:


Evil – Sovereignty of God




How about the Sovereignty of God in the Context of Evil?




God Influences Good ONLY, NOT evil agreeing with James 1:17.


Yes, John 6:44 and Ephesians 2:1 – 4 regarding the Role of God to Influence Good ONLY while some He leaves to be ‘hardened in their own sins which they committed first as Judgment demands as they reap what they sow first’.


P/S 6:


Evil – Adam & Eve didn’t know before eating the fruit, right?




But Adam & Eve didn’t know evil until they ate the fruit right? So, that means they cannot be held responsible for the fall, right?




You’re repeating a common fallacy popularised by some universalist theologians sir.


They didn’t know evil. God told them before the fall happened that it is wrong to eat the fruit.


They knew that it is wrong to eat the fruit even before eating the fruit as God told them that they would die as Eve clearly reiterated to the Serpent too proving that ‘she understood this’ even before eating the fruit.




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