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Swedenborg vs Sadhu Sundar Singh – Visions of Hell and Heaven







Isn’t Swedenborg declared a heretic by most protestant denominations due to some of his beliefs not agreeing to the Bible Verses?


For example, didn’t Swedenborg claim that all who believe in “Trinity as One God in Three Persons” instead of ‘One God only’ will go to Hell being ‘unsaved’?




As Sundar Singh also believed in the Trinity (and So do I) as God in Three Persons, Swedenborg errs in that.


Sundar Singh understood that though Swedenborg’s visions could be true his interpretations may not be.


For example, Swedenborg clearly believes in an eternal Hell but sundar Singh’s visions and belief proves otherwise . I find Scriptures agreeing to the latter as my posts on my website attempts to explain the details.


What it shows is that we can misinterpret the visions given to us and we must always check with Scriptures to decide that. I’m not so impressed by the visions of Mars etc. In Swedenborg but perhaps he is seeing the spiritual dwelling place in Mars and not earthly as he has a hard time determining spiritual vs earthly reality during his visions too. That could agree with our Blessed Savior’s Words in that in His Father’s House, are many Dwelling Places.


Just because Swedenborg errs in that, I don’t discredit his vision or faith entirely as Sundar Singh’s vision of meeting him in the afterlife proves that God is Merciful toward our errors as He passes by the transgression of His Remnant and God Alone Decides Mercy on whom He Wills.


Hence, I take it as thus and the errors or his difference in doctrines doesn’t affect my faith at all as I check it against the Bible.







Anonymous Christian

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