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Possible Implications of NON-ELECT SALVATION Doctrine based on 2 ESDRAS and FIRST CHRISTIANITY

Last Updated: 26 February 2022     Math Olympiad Class Advertisement   I Teach Math Olympiad, Add Maths or any… Read More

2 years ago

Book of 1Enoch – Christ Centered Universalism Mystery

Last Updated: 7 August 2020   This Post discusses Two Chapters from the free downloadable e-book in link below titled… Read More

3 years ago

Lake of Fire – Hope for the Wicked One Day? [Updated 19 Dec 2019]

Last Updated: 20 December 2019 (more…) Read More

4 years ago

Spirit World – The Intermediate State Mystery

Before Considering the 'Spirit World Mystery', here's some Important Scriptural Background First:       All Men - Will Have… Read More

4 years ago

Lake of Fire – Gehenna – Hell – If we are Judged till the Last Penny – Why need Christ?

  All Men too - Christ's Ransom for All   Someone Said, 'Christ Pays for your Judgment till the last… Read More

4 years ago

Forever in the Bible

Sheepfold2 Saved from Hades - Believing After Seeing - Is this Hope available after His Advent?   To quote:  … Read More

5 years ago

Hell Gehenna – Body and Soul Destroyed – Recapitulation Doctrine in First Christianity?

  Aeons of the Aeons - Literal or Forever?   The phrase "aeons of the Aeons" occurs say in Revelation… Read More

5 years ago

Hell Forever? – Salvation of spirit from Hell too – Facts from First Christianity

    Note: This is probably my most important post because it details some facts which I may have not… Read More

5 years ago

Hell – If God’s Love is Unconditional, why does Hell Exist?

          Greatest and Unconditional Love - Proof of His Will in Image?   One Day His… Read More

5 years ago