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The Logic of Hell

Do I believe in Hell?


Honestly, I believe that Hades (Hell) is there but its Gates Will not Prevail (hold on forever – Matthew 16:18).

I’ve come to learn that the current Hades (based on my supernatural encounter with demons) is run by them.

The logic of why God allows it is same as why for example God allows ISIS (or IS) to torture Christians on earth brutally (Who was given the dominion now? the IS dominion – abuse of power to do evil).

Similarly, Hell is the demon’s place and the god of this age’s dominion where the wicked get tortured/punished according to what they have done to others (exactly) as this verse states: “Woe to the wicked–it will go badly for them, for what they have done will be done to them.” (Isaiah 3:11)

A recent case where an ISIS fighter went to Hell and his confession agrees with the principle above can be found in the testimony below:

Note one statement in the link above, “There he had to relive all the pain he had inflicted upon others and every death he had caused throughout his entire life. He even had to relive the decapitations of his victims through their own eyes” made by the converted-Jihadist agrees perfectly as to ‘why’ he needs to go to Hell first (to relive the pain/torture he caused upon others through their eyes) – In Principle Isaiah 3:11 above “literally”.

That is, in Hell you only get punishments/pain according to what you’ve done to others (“Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows.” – Galatians 6:7)

Anyhow, Good News is Hell is not Eternal.
God can Save anyone out of it at any time.
He chooses to do so according to one’s “true repentance” and/or “until you’ve paid your last penny” (Matthew 5:26).

Christ will be Victorious in Saving them in their respective “Kairois” moments (“time appointed for their Salvation” – 1 Timothy 2:6).


The key difference is that the Christian Missionaries didn’t kill him even though he has killed Christians but rather chose to care for him as well till he recovers from his wounds gained whilst in the process of aiming to kill others.

The Rule is simple:

“You show your power to abuse/torture/kill the innocent here, whoever you are, whether the ISIS or a Gangster or Isareli, you will get the “same” torture by Demons who will aim to abuse/torture/kill you in Hell in the place where they are the “tuan/master” and you relive those pains accordingly – a fair recompense to all evil acts” — The Many Visions of Hell across the Centuries seem to Approve this Thought agreeing in Principle Perfectly with Isaiah 3:11 above.

Don’t be Evil and be careful of how you treat your fellow men regardless of race, religion or creed because truth is, you may actually relive those “same” pains which you intend to inflict on others.

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