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The Mystery of Hell


Who sends to Hell?

The “real” source: “Themselves”

True Fact about Hell as even Sadhu Sundar Singh remarked,

“and cast them into hell, for God who is Love, never cast anyone into hell, nor ever will do so. …. But the sinner who comes to Me I will deliver from sin, from Satan, and from hell, and will …” (At The Master’s Feet by Sadhu Sundar Singh (1889-1929) NOTE BY THE … HEAVEN AND HELL ….)

This concept is revealed further in a few famous writings of Sundar Singh too as follows (quoted):

A Wicked Man permitted to enter

Once in my presence a man of evil life
entered at death into the world of spirits.
When the angels and saints wished to help
him he at once began to curse and revile them,
and say, ” God is altogether unjust. He has
prepared heaven for such flattering slaves as
you are, and casts the rest of mankind into
hell. Yet you call Him Lovel” The


angels replied, ” God certainly is Love. He
created men that they might live for ever in
happy fellowship with Him, but men by
their own obstinacy and by the abuse of their
free will have turned their faces away from
Him, and have made hell for themselves.
God neither casts any one into hell, nor will
He ever do so, but man himself, by being
entangled in sin, creates hell for himself.
God never created any hell.”

Just then the exceedingly sweet voice of
one of the high angels was heard from above,
saying, ” God gives permission that this man
may be brought into heaven.” Eagerly the
man stepped forward accompanied by two
angels, but, when they reached the door of
heaven and saw the holy and light-enveloped
place and the glorious and blessed inhabit-
ants that dwell there, he began to feel
uneasy. The angels said to him, ” See how
beautiful a world is this I Go a little farther,
and look at the dear Lord sitting on His
throne.” From the door he looked, and
then as the light of the Sun of Righteousness


revealed to him the impurity of his sin-
defiled life, he started back in an agony of
self-loathing, and fled, with such precipi-
tancy, that he did not even stop in the inter-
mediate state of the world of spirits, but
like a stone he passed through it, and cast
himself headlong into the bottomless pit.

Then the sweet and ravishing voice of the
Lord was heard saying, ” Look, My dear
children, none is forbidden to come here,
and no one forbade this man, nor has any one
asked him to leave. It was his own impure
life that forced him to flee from this holy
place, for, ‘ Except a man be born again he
cannot see the kingdom of God ‘ ”
(John iii, 3).

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In other words, they that do not have Christ ‘cannot’ bear the purity & holiness of heaven having “died in their sins” (undelivered yet from it —> thus plunge “themselves” into darkness).

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