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The Spiritual Leader

I’m going to quote a good writing by an author on it:

Before that, note that the spiritual leader was a “priest” during Old Testament times and in the New Testament times it includes apostles, bishops and deacons whose roles as described by Holy Scripture “always” refers to only being fulfilled by a “man” (gender for appointment is clearly distinguished).

It’s not a gender battle but rather “obeying” God in that He has the Right to decide the Rules for His Own spiritual leader appointments.

Here are two significant points by that writer:

1) Facts from the Bible

“They observed that, despite the significant role of women in ministry, women were not ordained as priests in the Old Testament. Also, though women made major contributions to the ministry of Christ, He did not appoint a single one of them as an apostle; further, when a replacement apostle was sought (Acts 1:15-26), even though women were present and surely met most of the requirements set (vv. 21, 22), it was a male who was chosen. In addition, there is no record of any woman’s being ordained as an elder or pastor in the New Testament church.”

2) The difference between a prophet and a priest

“Two examples can highlight the separation of the duties of prophets and priests . In the Old Testament, Amram and Jochebed had three children—Miriam, Aaron, and Moses. All three were prophets. But while the sons both served as priests, Miriam did not. She was a prophetess but not a priest. Similarly, in the New Testament we read about the prophetess Anna in the Temple (Luke 2:36, 37). But we never read that she or any other prophetess offered sacrifices. The Bible makes it clear that the priesthood is a male role.”


Just like in almost every denomination of Christianity, in some points they’re closer to the Truth in Scripture while in others, they’re “not” quite right. So it is with the author (whose writing is quoted above) —> who, I believe, is an Adventist of some sort (I’m not).

But, we agree on these points simply because the “Biblical evidence” says so as opposed to any “man or woman’s feelings/opinions” (irrelevant for truth).

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