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Translations of Faith of Christ


Many Translations miss the two “to” mentioned in this verse but the KJV and YLT did “not” miss it for sure (well done):

“Even the righteousness of God which is by faith of Jesus Christ unto all and upon all them that believe: for there is no difference:” (Romans 3:22, KJV)

“and the righteousness of God is through the faith of Jesus Christ to all, and upon all those believing, — for there is no difference,” (Romans 3:22, YLT)

The two “to”s are (using the word ‘to’ in English as the Greek words used point ‘to’ each group separately spoken):

(i) to all

(ii) to believers

Which changes the ‘meaning drastically’ when translated accurately vs translating inaccurately.

Best is as KJV & YLT has done for the verse above, —> is to translate ‘each word’ as much as possible —> as it is found in the” Original Greek New Testament text” —> instead of ‘translating what we think it means’ (as commonly erred in some non-word-to-word translations).

*YLT is more accurate than the KJV in translating this verse (clearly seen when looking at each actual Greek words occurring in this verse)


If it’s ‘only’ believers to which the “Faith of Christ” is to be imputed upon, the phrase “to all” need not be written at all as the remaining phrase “to (unto, the, those) believing” would have been sufficient.

In fact, the ‘no distinction’ part is what’s highlighted as referring to ‘those believing’ may be inferred too.

Either way, the “Faith of Christ” imputing the “Righteousness of God” —> “to all” —> is inevitable —> making the “all” holy eventually —> making them able to see the Lord as elsewhere it’s written that, ‘without holiness, no one will see the Lord’ (thus we ‘need’ the ‘Faith of Christ’ to be ‘Saved’).

Blessed Saviour of the World

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