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Unknown Venom of Demons

“You smeared pain over all my illicit pleasures so that I might seek pleasure without pain, and where I found this I would find you.” – Augustine

A Deep Truth.

Describes my ‘past’ life (between 2006 to 2010) indulging in ‘illicit pleasures’ (with escorts) whilst enduring “truly great pain” (unexplainable – medically; it’s been stopping after I stopped all this since middle of 2010).

That’s how my ‘double life’ in the past used up ‘almost all’ of my money earned from a high-paying job.


My greatest regret in life thus far is to have committed these sins; yes, you read it right:

It’s a regret and “not” a trophy experience of any sort.

I betrayed the KING for…

Yet, the KING Loved me when I was completely useless to Him and Saved me from demons probably at the very gates of Death itself between 2009 to 2010  (the details are better kept hidden because they’re irrelevant today).

Fast forward, the sinful desires are reduced in the flesh greatly by the cleansing of His Holy Word.

Thank You to God, who is the Blessed “Saviour of the World”.

“I have hidden Your Word in my heart that I might not sin against You.” (Psalm 119:11)

*Both are true: I spoke to demons (possibly Satan too) during that time and in His Name (Lord Jesus Christ – by a unknown ‘different voice’ in the spiritual realm instructing me so), I was healed of ‘hearing those voices’ and have been experiencing great progressive healing on the unknown bodily pains.


“every saint has a past and every sinner has a future” – Augustine

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