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Which Type are You?


1) Women who are not pretty enough to woo millionaires will be talking about “looking at the heart & not aiming for money” (because the millionaires won’t notice them).

2) Women who are attractive enough will aim to get the “richest person possible” to marry for a secure life thereafter. If they can’t, only then they become type (1) above.

3) The real test of a woman is to be “truthful” in your claim to “not go after money” in “your heart & belief itself” which must stem from the Living God. There’s no other way thereby to become the “prudent wife” worth above rubies as described in the Bible (Proverbs 31).

4) For men who are unattractive physically or are not rich either, will talk about ‘looking at the heart & not money’ too and remain such… Until, they hit it big (by earning plenty of money) and then their “perspective” changes almost instantly and they go for the prettiest girl they can get to marry.

5) Like it or not, men always aim to marry the most attractive girl (beginning physically) as they can get following the most “natural instinct”. They usually settle for the ‘best they can get’ and character & all that comes in second to physiques.

This is the “general truth” about men & women (fact).

6) If you find yourself not-conforming to the “pattern” described above, you must be the ‘few-oddities’ left (fact).

Which number (1 to 6) describes you?

You decide.

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